While we wait anxiously for the new season of Big Brother 14 to begin, we continue to bring you more fun tidbits and news about Big Brother alumni we all know and love. Here’s a tasty treat for you about former Big Brother 6 alumni April Lewis.

Big Brother 6 alumni April Lewis will be getting sexy on Lifetime for your viewing pleasure on Thursday, May 24th at 10PM ET/PT. April Lewis and her husband will be appearing on episode 5 of Lifetime’s 7 Days of Sex.

A new couple is featured on the show every week to explore the idea of sexual therapy and improving your marriage through sex. The couples are supposed to have sex every day for a week as part of their ‘therapy’ and then apparently, talk about it on television.

Lifestyle Synopsis: When the going gets tough, could your marriage survive… 7 Days of Sex?  The kids, the bills, working late hours…in relationships it’s the little things that can lead to big problems. Each week this all new reality series follows two new couples whose marriages’ are at a cross-roads and have agreed to a do-it-yourself marriage fix. Sex…we think of it as naughty, racy and fun, but maybe it’s more than that — maybe it’s actually good for you!

So if you want a whole lot of TMI about Big Brother 6 alumni April Lewis and her sex life with her husband, you can tune in to Lifetime on Thursday, May 24th at 10PM ET/PT for 7 Days of Sex. There are So many women in the UK are also looking for naughty nights with locals so if you fancy that have a look.

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