Name or Alias: Dan

Twitter Handle: @Danthebbfan

What you do at Big Brother Access? I tweet and write columns for Big Brother Access.

What made you become a Big Brother fan? Starting to watch the feeds in Big Brother 4 is what really cemented me as a Big Brother fan after watching Big Brother 3 all the way through.

How long have you been a Big Brother fan? Since Big Brother 3.

Favorite season? Big Brother 3 and Big Brother 10

Favorite Player? Britney Haynes, Shelby Stockton

Favorite Twist? Project DNA (Season 5)

Would you ever want to play Big Brother? Why or Why not? Sure, but I know how viscous the fan base can be and that if anything would deter me from wanting to be on the show.

Favorite quote, Big Brother related or not. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings’ end.”