Name or Alias: Jerrica Tisdale

Twitter Handle: @jtwritergirl

What you do at Big Brother Access? Currently, I run the site, which includes writing content, editing content, posting on various social media pages, and organizing everything.

What made you become a Big Brother fan? I started watching Big Brother season 1, when I was about 12. I used to be pop culture obsessed even back then, I remember seeing a lot of promos for it, and got curious. I watched season 1 and just thought it was all right, but gave it a second chance and loved season 2. Been watching it every summer since.

How long have you been a Big Brother fan? Since season 1, so about 18 years.

Favorite season? Season 6, with season 7 and 10 also being top ranking.

Favorite Player? A little boring, because I think he’s most people’s favorite, but Dan Gheesling. As far as entertainment wise (not BB US) but Ika Wong from Big Brother Canada.

Favorite Twist? I basically love all the twists from season 4-8. However, I guess DNA or exes. That’s such a ruthless thing to do to people, but it really showed how far Big Brother was willing to go to get some real responses from these people. I also love the season 6 twists, just because Kaysar was so smooth when he figured it all out and called people on it.

Would you ever want to play Big Brother? Why or Why not? I change my response every year. Right now, I would say no because the social media stalking would be too much for me. I think I’m pretty bland but who knows what people could find and post! But in a few years, I would probably say yes again.

Favorite quote, Big Brother related or not.


Big Brother 14: Dan's Funeral Gif

Or This

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