Name or Alias: Nora McKinney

Twitter Handle: @groovygimp

What you do at Big Brother Access? I write recap articles for all of the shows during the season. I also write a weekly piece explaining the current status of all of the alliance’s in the Big Brother house.

What made you become a Big Brother fan? Actually, my father pulled me into watching the show while I was vacationing with him a few years back. He has been a fan since day one.

How long have you been a Big Brother fan? I have watched for the past 5 seasons. I did go back and watch all the seasons I had missed, starting with season number one.

Favorite season? Honestly I don’t have one favorite season. Each year is so different from the last. I enjoy watching the houseguest’s personalities unfold as the seasons progress.

Favorite Player? Derrick Levasseur from BB16. I really admired the way he played the game.

Favorite Twist? My favorite twist has to be the Double Eviciton. I love watching the houseguests frantically try and figure out what to do at the last minute. That is so much fun when they don’t expect it’s coming.

Would you ever want to play Big Brother? Why or Why not? Yes, I would love to play BB to experience the game first hand.

Favorite quote, Big Brother related or not. Carpe Diem.