Name or Alias: Tamara Kennedy

Twitter Handle: TamaraMKennedy_

What you do at Big Brother Access? Social Media Ambassador, Contributor Writer

What made you become a Big Brother fan? Love of the social game aspect.

How long have you been a Big Brother fan? 18 years

Favorite season? 6, 7,11

Favorite Player? Dr.Will, Janelle Pierzina, Nicole Franzel, Enzo Palumbo, Renny Martin, Zach Rance, Brittany Haynes, Victor Arroyo

Favorite Twist? Coup d’etat

Would you ever want to play Big Brother? Why or Why not? Yes.

Favorite quote, Big Brother related or not.

“Britney, I have a half million dollars to donate. Please tell me more about the charity you gave yours to. I think it was called the Brigade.”