We have bad news and good news to tell future Big Brother 2014 watchers. Apparently CBS has decided they are once again going to be nepotistic to themselves and air Big Brother After Dark 2014 for season 16 on TVGN. Good news for those who don’t want to pay for Showtime just to watch BBAD. Bad news for those who prefer their BBAD uncensored.

Big Brother After Dark (CBS/TVGN)

Big Brother After Dark (CBS/TVGN)

CBS now owns TVGN, so we aren’t all that surprised BBAD won’t be headed back to it’s glorious Showtime days again. But we are highly annoyed that this probably means another season of constant bleeps and censorship once again. * UPDATE: Big Brother After Dark 2014: When, Where and What You Need to Know! Here’s the official blurb about the announcement of BBAD returning to TVGN from Zap2It.com:

“Big Brother: After Dark” For the second year in a row, TVGN will be the exclusive television destination for the live, late night companion show to CBS’s “Big Brother,” one of television’s most talked-about and socially engaged reality series. “Big Brother: After Dark” gives fans of the popular reality series an unfiltered, late night look at life in the “Big Brother House.” The show features a live television feed from inside the house, where nothing is sacred and anything goes.

Big Brother USA fans will remember last year how frustrating it was at times watching BBAD on TVGN. The Housguests have a tendency to cuss, a LOT, which meant that we had to listen to an endless series of bleeps at times since TVGN, unlike Showtime, censors such things. This was very disruptive when trying to follow a conversation, or multiple conversations happening at the same time.

Big Brother After Dark 2014 returning to TVGN also means we won’t be seeing anyone’s ‘naughty bits’ hanging out and no explicit sexual stuff either. On Showtime, pretty much anything except dire violence or hardcore porn was acceptable airing material. Now that we’re back on ‘family friendly’ TVGN, we aren’t going to be having any of that stuff going on in front of the cameras.

For those who want their Big Brother 16 uncensored and unedited, it will be back to the Big Brother Live Feeds again for us.

Tune-in to the commercial–free season premiere of Big Brother After Dark on Thursday, June 26 at 1:00 AM ET/PT on TVGN. Also, TVGN will be airing Big Brother catch-up episodes this Friday, June 27 from 8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT.

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