While casting for Big Brother 14 wraps up and we continue to wait impatiently for the debut of the Big Brother 2012 season in July, we like to check in now and then on our favorite Big Brother alumni from the past and see what they are up to lately. While scouring the Net for news, we came across this little tidbit we thought we’d share for anyone who might be looking for an odd bit of Big Brother memorabilia.

Big Brother 6 and Big Brother 7 alumni Janelle Pierzina is apparently not one of those people who believe in holding on to their wedding dresses and perhaps passing them on to the next generation. Or maybe she is just hard up for cash and will sell whatever she can to raise a some funds.

Either way, if you are interested in a genuine Big Brother alumni wedding dress, you can currently buy Janelle Pierzina’s Priscilla of Boston wedding dress on eBay for $2300. Janelle Pierzina just recently popped out a baby girl, so we’re sure she could use the extra cash.

In the eBay description for the dress, Janelle Pierzina says she purchased the dress in 2009 and “paid $10,000 plus $800 for alterations” for the handmade Platinum Priscilla of Boston dress that she only wore for a paltry three hours. Honestly, I have never understood the idea of spending $10,000 for a garment you are going to wear for less time than you spend watching Titanic.

The wedding dress was originally a size 8 but was later altered down to a size 6. She says in the description that she “felt like a true princess on my wedding day.” She is willing to take offers below $2300. She is also auctioning off her reception dress, another Priscilla of Boston creation.

Check out the full listing for the dress on eBay.

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