While we impatiently wait for Big Brother 16 to launch here in the U.S., we are entertaining ourselves by watching Big Brother Canada 2! The first season of BBCAN was a lot of fun, and so far season is proving to be equally engaging.

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On the first Big Brother Canada 2014 live eviction results show tonight, we’ll find out which of the 14 current HouseGuests will be the first to go home. From what we’ve seen inside the house on the BBCAN Live Feeds, we suspect we know which of the two nominees up for eviction will get the boot tonight. However, last minute deals and whispers often happen, so we won’t know for sure until the votes are counted!

We still have one Big Brother Canada 2 cast member that has yet to be determined (voting is still open!), and they will luckily get to skip the first eviction tonight. However, they also won’t get to compete in the next Head of Household Competition, which should take place right after the first BBCAN Houseguest heads out the door.

If you need a refresher on how to watch Big Brother Canada online real quick, head on over to our handy guide here. For those who can’t watch the show yet but want to know what happened, we’ll have all the Big Brother Canada spoilers from the eviction and HoH Competition for you below!

Here we go! Paul shows off his Head of Household room and he has a letter from his wife that makes him kind of tear up. The letter talks about his kids and how proud everyone is of him. He also has a sweet photo of his family. It’s so sweet! Then it’s straight into Paul working the other Houseguests and enjoying his power as HoH.

Paul says the best thing he can do is stick with the deal he made to win HoH and nominate someone who got off the ice blocks first.

Week 1 Nominations:

  • Andrew
  • Anick

Power of Veto Competition:

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The players for PoV include Paul as HoH, Andrew and Anick as nominees, and randomly drawn contestants Adele, Kyle, and Sabrina. They all have to dress in horribly cheesy superhero costumes as the League of Big Brother Superheroes. They have to break through a set of obstacles using tools and the first person done wins.

Luckily for him, Andrew turns out to be very good with a wrench and he has won the Power of Veto! Naturally, he takes himself off the block. So Paul will have to choose a replacement nominee. He picks Ika.

Final Nominations:

  • Anick
  • Ika

Big Brother Canada

The Big Brother Canada winner this year will take home $100,000 cash, a $25,000 home shopping spree at The Brick, and a trip of a lifetime anywhere in the world! But one of these two ladies will not be in the running for any of those awesome prizes after the eviction tonight!

In her plea speech, Anick talks about how much she wants more “30 second hugs” and more peace and love and all that good stuff. Ika, on the other hand, makes pretty much no sense in her plea, flapping her hands around, rolling her eyes, and saying some stuff about how she wants to stay and how she’s awesome.

The Vote:

Kyle votes to evict Anick
Heather votes to evict Anick
Andrew votes to evict Anick
Arlie votes to evict Anick
Jon votes to evict Anick
Kenny votes to evict Anick

…. And the rest of the votes go the same way. It is unanimous and Anick has been evicted with a vote of 11 to 0.

Who went home Big Brother Canada tonight: Anick

Before we sign off for the night, we get a chance to meet the three potential Houseguests competing for votes to become one of the cast members this season:

  • Scott Bosse aka Contessa, 36 – Draq queen and hospital worker
  • Nate Sandri, 23 – Sheet metal worker
  • Allison White, 25 – Psychiatric nurse

The three of them are told they will be sequestered together  in one “secret room” inside the Big Brother Canada house. None of the other contestants will know they exist, but they will get to watch all the other Houseguests in action with the house cameras. They will NOT, however, be able to hear them.

They are also told that after the one week, only one of them will get to move into the house, and the other two will go home. Host Arisa Cox tells them they will be competing for votes to be the last member of the BBCAN2 cast.

Viewers can vote throughout the week for which one of the three potential contestants you want to enter the house at Slice.ca.

3-6-2014 06-52-45 PM

The three hopeful secret competitors are blindfolded and escorted by men in dark suits to the secret room where they will have to live together for the next week. It’s actually pretty hilarious. It’s a crazy room too with a giant light table with the house blueprint on it, bobble head dolls of all the HGs, and army cots to sleep on.

3-6-2014 06-58-14 PM

That’s a wrap! Join us for our next live Big Brother Canada recap on Sunday night!


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