On Sunday night, the Big Brother Canada 2 cast dug in and settled in for the long haul. Now that the first eviction of Anick is over, it’s time for the Houseguests to start making deals and alliances in hope of securing their place as the future Big Brother Canada 2 winner.

Big Brother Canada 2 Episode 3 2

Big Brother Canada 2 Episode 2 kicked off on Sunday night with a lot of people acting fake sad over Anick’s eviction. Kenny and lucky survivor Ika, in particular, try to play up how terrible the eviction was to make themselves look more likeable. Ika says that actually she feels “really great” because the “Buddha princess is gone!” Kenny wants everyone to think his head isn’t in the game, but in fact, he’s totally in it.

In the hidden room, secret contestants Scott (aka Contessa), Allison, and Nathan are finally able to talk and get to know each other. They will be spending a week locked together in the tiny room while the voters decide which of them will get to be the 15th BBCAN2 Houseguest. The biggest concern seems to be, where the heck do they pee?

Andrew and Heather chat in the storage room and try to hash out a little deal. He promises that he won’t put her on the block if she will promise the same. In the Diary Room, Andrew says he doesn’t really trust Heather. He just wants her to think she has him under her thumb, but he knows she is trying to play him. Meanwhile, Heather says in the Diary Room that she knows Andrew is interested in her, but she is so not into him at all. But she’ll play up the flirty, girly side to keep him in tow.

Rachelle says in Diary Room that she’s heard from other Houseguests that Kenny doesn’t trust her, so she needs to talk to him. She tells him what she’s heard, and Kenny tells her that he told that to Heather just to see if it would come back around. So Heather failed Kenny’s trust test by running her mouth. Rachelle says she doesn’t trust Heather at all. Kenny tells Rachelle that the guys don’t trust Heather and he’s glad that Rachelle told her. He promises Rachelle that he will not tell Heather anything. In Diary Room, however, Kenny is gleeful at helping to cause mistrust between the girls and scramble their strategies.

Big Brother Canada Head of Household Competition: Week 2

Time for the week 2 H0H Competition and we’re going all kinds of country with this ‘Fresh from the Farm’ challenge. The Houseguests dress up as stereotypical ‘farmers’ in cute little country outfits. Those skirts on the girls may be fluffy, but my goodness are they short! Paul serves as the host dressed up like a rooster.

The Big Brother Canada 2 cast is split into teams. One member of the team has to hold a basket up as long as possible while their teammate throws potatoes into baskets trying to eliminate other players. The first two teams out, Nede and Sarah, and Rachelle and Heather, will be the first Have-Nots of the season. The final two left have to scramble around in the dirt to find a golden potato.

The last two left in the game end up being Andrew and Arlie. Arlie is tired after the first part of the challenge but plays it up really hard and ‘fake collapses’ so that he can cover up not wanting to win Head of Household. He pathetically crawls around in the dirt looking through potatoes and actually fins the golden one but goes right past it on purpose, several times! He is frustrated that Andrew isn’t seeing the potato and he’s afraid it will become obvious he is trying to lose. Finally, Andrew fins the golden potato and wins the Head of Household.

We flip over briefly to the secret room again, where Allison is loving on Kenny’s beard and Scott can’t figure out if there are any gay guys in the house. They can watch the other Houseguests, but they don’t get any sound to keep things more fair for whoever ends up in the house.

Heather tries to get buddy buddy with Rachelle, who smiles and acts friendly but secretly, of course, doesn’t trust her at all. For good reason, since Heather goes right off and tells Ika about her whole talk with Rachelle.

Andrew gets his Head of Household room and he’s so happy to see a bunch of protein powder in his basket to help him keep up those muscles. He gets a long letter from parents, who talk about how impressed they are with him and how much they love him, etc. Mom closes out with “it’s not about being a good sport, it’s about winning!” Then his dad says that was mostly kidding, but it’s really about “being you and having fun. Leave the trash-talking in the trash, be you.”

The slop arrives and it’s disgusting gray nasty stuff. Heather says it tastes like a**. In addition to the slop, the Have-Nots can also eat as many potatoes as they want leftover from the competition. Then they find out the Have-Not room is terribly uncomfortable as everything in it is only half-sized, including the ceiling, the bed, and the actual room itself.

Paul whines about people saying not great things about him and tries to cozy up to the girls. He is so fakely pitiful talking about how he’s an outsider. He even pretends to get all upset and cry about things people have allegedly said. He claims that Andrew is a racist and sexist too. We get a brief clip of Andrew saying something about Ika being “urban” and “got more black” in her save-me speech. Ika notes that in the Diary Room but doesn’t think Andrew is actually racist or sexist.

Arlie tells Andrew that he doesn’t think Paul should be the one to go next. He wants a girl out next and Kenny agrees. Andrew, however, still wants Paul to go up as a nominee for eviction. Andrew and Kenny go smoke together and Kenny talks about how Kyle is too athletic like Andrew. In the Diary Room, Andrew says he is considering putting up Kyle.

Once more over to the secret room and the hidden players are enjoying some frothy alcoholic beverages while they watch the feeds. They toast to the “secret society” of Big Brother Canada 2.

Big Brother Canada Eviction Nominations Week 2

At the Nominations Ceremony, Head of Household Andrew announces that he has decided to put Neda and Paul up for eviction. Paul mutters snarkily about how that’s a surprise. Andrew tells Paul he is a hyporcite and has said nasty things about him that could damage his reputation in the real world.

Andrew goes back to the HoH room and Paul once again says Andrew is racist and sexist. Adel comforts Paul, but everyone else pretty much attacks him for defaming Andrew. In Diary Room, Paul says he knows that Andrew is not a racist. What he actually wants is the house to think of him as a bad guy so maybe they will take him to the end because they think he can’t win.

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