Another week and another Big Brother Canada 2 eviction results show! Who went home on Big Brother Canada tonight? Will there be a tie-breaker vote this evening with the Head of Household making the final decision? Join us for our live Big Brother Canada recap and find out who gets voted off.

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It’s been a wacky week inside the Big Brother Canada house, especially with the whole “Buzzworthy Houseguest” competition insanity and aftermath. Once we were done with the BBCAN2 cast running around like crazy chickens trying to win the competition, we got to watch the fun of having the winner lie all over the place about what special power they won. Too much fun!

Now it’s on to the Big Brother Canada results show for week 3 and time to find out who the other Houseguests have decided to evict. Going into tonight’s show, it was still a bit difficult to predict exactly which of the two final nominees would get the boot. The house was flip-flopping back and forth right up until the day of the eviction on whether it would be Paul or Heather going home.

Although it seemed like the end plan was to evict Paul over Heather, with Ika as a possible tie-breaker vote, anything could happen when the votes are counted.

Before we get to the live vote tonight, host Arisa Cox announces that Marsha The Moose will be returning with more secret missions on BBCAN. Fun!

Now, for the votes tonight. It’s going to be a close one… and here we go!

  • Arlie votes to evict Paul
  • Adel votes to evict Heather
  • Andrew votes to evict Paul
  • Kenny votes to evict Paul
  • Neda votes to evict Heather
  • Rachelle votes to evict Heather
  • Jon votes to evict Paul
  • Sabrina votes to evict Heather
  • Allison votes to evict Paul
  • Sarah Votes to evict Paul

By a vote of 6 to 4, Paul has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house!

Next up we have the Head of Household Competition and it’s an endurance challenge this evening as the Houseguests have to hang on to a podium while a winch tries to pull them away. The last person standing wins the HoH.

Heather is the first person out of the competition but we won’t learn the rest of the results on the show tonight. You’ll have to switch over to the Live Feeds to watch the rest of the competition. Or, of course, we’ll bring you the spoilers on the results when we have them!


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