The Big Brother Canada 2014 cast doesn’t know it yet, but tonight will be a double eviction elimination. While some of the BBCAN Houseguests suspect two people might be going home tonight, they’ve been guessing that for weeks. Now it’s finally going to happen!

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While we are pretty certain who the first eviction of the evening is going to be, the second Houseguest going home is anyone’s guess. No doubt there will be a mad scramble once the double eviction is announced and we go through the super-speed cycle of determining who will go up on the block for the second vote.

In the first eviction, it will undoubtedly be Sarah who ends up as the one who got voted off Big Brother Canada 2 tonight first. She’s been the obvious target since she went up as the renomination after Kenny won the Power of Veto and took himself off the block. Allison has enough people to keep herself from going home and Sarah does not.

After Sarah gets ousted, we’ll quickly switch to ultra mode on Big Brother Canada and rush right into the next Head of Household Competition. That will quickly be followed by a crazed round of Nominations, Veto Ceremony, and then another eviction. There are just too many variables to know who will end up as the second person who got voted off Big Brother Canada this week.

WARNING: Big Brother Canada spoilers ahead for the week 6 eviction show. Proceed with caution!

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