The Big Brother Canada 2 eviction results for week 5 are upon us! We were anxious to find out if there would be a shocking last minute vote flip tonight. Was it possible that Andrew might actually save himself from being the one who was evicted on Big Brother Canada 2014 this week? Or was he doomed to go home no matter what?


The First Five alliance imploded this week with two of their members going up on the block thanks to Head of Household Canada. It was everyone for themselves in this formally powerful alliance that is now on the brink of ruin. With all the chaos going on, which one of the nominated Houseguests would get the boot? Read on in our Big Brother Canada recap of the week 5 eviction results to find out!

Sabrina and Andrew have both been playing the game hard this week to keep themselves from going home, but Sabrina has been doing a better job of it. However, there was a bit of a last minute mutiny going on when Sarah tried to get Jon to flip his vote to keep Andrew instead of Sabrina.

However, Sarah was kind of wishy-washy about it, and apparently Big Brother Canada production wasn’t into the idea — since they kept interrupting Sarah trying to swing Jon over by calling him to the Diary Room! Okay, so maybe they weren’t deliberately trying to crash Sarah’s vote flip attempt, but it was a bit suspicious, eh?

Even with a lot of talk going around about vote flipping and who was more dangerous to keep in the house, etc. — we still thought it would be Andrew who would be the one who went home on Big Brother Canada tonight.

So did our prediction turn out to be correct? We’ll have the official Big Brother Canada 2 eviction results for you right here as soon as they are announced, so stay tuned!


  • Kenny votes to evict Sabrina
  • Adel votes to evict Andrew
  • Rachelle votes to evict Andrew
  • Neda votes to evict Andrew
  • Allison voes to evict Sabrina
  • Jon votes to evict Andrew
  • Arlie votes to evict Andrew (that’s enough to evict him)
  • Sarah votes to evict Andrew
  • Heather votes to evict Andrew

Who got voted off Big Brother Canada tonight: Andrew

The Head of Household Competition tonight focuses on some rather amusing mugshots the Houseguests had to study throughout the week this week. The mugshots had various details about the “arrests” and basically the cast needed to memorize information from them to be quizzed on later. And that later is now!

Head of Household competition results:

  • Round 1: Adel is eliminated
  • Round 2: Kenny is eliminated
  • Round 3: Sabrina is eliminated
  • Round 4: Mechanical failure, round gets skipped
  • Round 5: Allison is elliminated
  • … and Canada gives us the finger by cutting off the competition so they can save the results for Sunday night.

That’s okay though, we’ll make sure to bring you the Big Brother Canada spoilers on who won the Head of Household once we find out from the Live Feeds!


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