We didn’t really need Big Brother Canada spoilers to know who was likely to go up on the block this week after the new Head of Household was revealed.

Big Brother Canada Episode 15 8

The nominations weren’t really much of a surprise based on the talk that’s been going around about who would get tapped if the HoH came out like it did.

After Heather won Head of Household, which was wrapped up on Sunday night’s episode, it was pretty clear who she would nomination for eviction. Based on previous episodes and what was going around on the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds, Kenny was the big glaring target.

Heather waffled a bit about the second nomination, briefly wanting to put up Rachelle, who got the whole house in trouble by eating while she was a Have-Not. (Everyone had to go on slop and cold water for 48 hours, including Heather as HoH!) However, after talking with her allies, Heather decided to put up Allison as planned so that she could not save Kenny if she won the veto as a non-nominated player.

Kenny is definitely the target at this point. He’s at least happy he gets the chance to play in the Power of Veto Competition, instead of getting backdoored. However, if he doesn’t win the PoV, he is probably screwed since he doesn’t even have the possibility of Allison winning and saving him from the block. If she wins, she’ll have to worry about saving her own skin!


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