Big Brother Canada 2 is heating up and we think this season might be even better than last year! If you happened to miss out on episode 3 on Sunday night, here’s how to watch Big Brother Canada online and catch up!

Big Brother Canada 2 Episode 3 14

The drama hit full gear on Big Brother Canada 2 Episode 2 on Sunday night. The first alliances have started forming up with the guys pretty much aligned against the girls, except for Paul. He’s just pretty much floating out there by himself after attacking Andrew and calling him some rather terrible things.

On Sunday night, the next Head of Household was revealed and the new eviction nominations announced. If you want to get caught up on all the action before the next episode on Wednesday, you can read up on how to watch Big Brother Canada from the US or elsewhere below for episode 3.

UPDATE: Unfortunately the video source we had previously been using for readers to watch the Big Brother Canada 2 episodes online has now become unavailable. We do not have any other source at this time to view the episodes other than at the official website.

Do not despair, however! Most people can use the free Hola add-on to the Google Chrome browser is currently allowing us to view the episodes and Live Feeds on the official website. This is a relatively easy way to watch the videos if it works for you. Check out the instructions below. (These are not referral links, and we do not earn anything from you using Hola or anything like that. Just FYI.)

Or, you can use the alternate way below to watch the show on the official BBCAN website.

Watch Big Brother Canada Episodes at

Here is a rather easy method for how to watch Big Brother Canada episodes and Live Feeds online at the website.

  1. Make sure you have the Google Chrome Internet browser installed.
  2. Intall Hola, a Chrome browser add on that lets you easily select which “country” you would like to viewa website from.
  3. After closing and opening your browser, navigate to
  4. Click the Hola icon on the top right of your browser window and select the Canadian flag. Wait for the browser to refresh or refresh it manually.
  5. Navigate to the videos section at and choose your video to play. And hope it works!

For those who just want to watch the Live Feeds, you can also use BBViewer. You will need to download the .air file from dropbox and be sure to have Adobe Air installed.

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