Who did the new Head of Household nominate for eviction on Big Brother Canada 2 this week? Well, interestingly enough, our Big Brother Canada spoilers tell us the new HoH didn’t actually nominate the person she really wanted to put on the block.

Big Brother Canada 2 Cast

The Big Brother Canada Nomination Ceremony for week 3 took place on Saturday and the results were revealed on the Live Feeds. Although the new HoH had a target in mind for who she wanted to go up, she ended up caving and putting up a pawn and a secondary target instead.

New Big Brother Canada 2 Head of Household Ika had previously stated she wanted to go after Kenny this week for eviction. However, she was not convinced she would have the girls behind her enough to accomplish her goal. So she decided to put up Heather as a pawn alongside Paul as her alternative plan.

Heather currently seems to feel safe as the pawn. Enough so, in fact, that she asked Ika if she should not even use the Power of Veto if she wins it and keep the nominations the same. That is a wonderful recipe for self-eviction and we encourage any Houseguest who ever thinks about doing that to go right ahead and save us from having to watch you do anything else incredible stupid for the rest of the season.


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