Even though they turned off the Live Feeds to try to hide the results, the Big Brother Canada 2 spoilers for the week 5 nominations are obvious. With the nominations in the hands of the viewers this week, all we had to do was look to fan polls to see who was going to end up on the block.

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We appreciate that Big Brother Canada was trying to keep the surprise under wraps by turning off the Live Feeds until Sunday night. Unfortunately, all this ended up doing was pissing off fans who now can’t watch what’s going on inside the Big Brother Canada 2 house for two days.

Thankfully the BBCAN Live Feeds are free, unlike those in the U.S., so at they aren’t ripping off people’s cash with this long blackout. Still, turning off the Live Feeds was really kind of silly, considering the same people who were going to vote for the nominations were going to vote in fan polls as well. Which, in essence, revealed the Big Brother Canada spoilers for the eviction nominees anyway.

Overwhelmingly, across the board, the fan polls and social media posts have popped out the same two names as the Houseguests who will end up going on the block this week. Viewers seem to have decided the two people who should go up for eviction this week are Sabrina and Andrew.

From what we’ve seen out there of what the viewers are hoping will happen with their “Canada is the Head of Household” nominations this week, Sabrina is the one fans want out the most. She seems to be leading in most of the polls. Now we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with the Power of Veto Competition.

If Andrew and Sabrina stay on the block, we think it’s probably more likely that Andrew will get voted out than Sabrina, regardless of what the viewers may want.

* UPDATE: It’s official, Andrew and Sabrina are indeed the nominations for this week. Big Brother Canada pretty much gave up when it became so obvious in the polls who it would be. So they just announced it themselves before the results even aired! Still didn’t turn the feeds back on though until after Sunday night’s show.

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