After our Big Brother Canada 2 spoilers for the nominations earlier this week were confirmed, it was time to move on to the next big event in the house — the Power of Veto Competition.


Did one of the Houseguests put up on the block by the viewers win the power to save themselves? Read on for the results and find out who won and what happened at the PoV Ceremony!

Head of Household Canada nominated Andrew and Sabrina for the block this week, which was pretty much what every fan poll out there predicted would happen. Of the two, Andrew is obviously the one most in danger of eviction from the other HouseGuests. From the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds, it was quickly clear that if Andrew did not win the Power of Veto, he was probably going to go home.

Well, according to our Big Brother Canada spoilers, it’s bad news for Andrew. At the Power of Veto Competition, Jon ended up snagging the prize and he has no interest in saving Andrew from eviction. Instead, he promised Sabrina that he would use the PoV to take her off the block.

However, that didn’t actually end up happening. Jon and Sarah got to chatting, and apparently she convinced him not to use the Power of Veto for Sabrina. So Canada was not called upon to put up a renomination (which probably would have been Kenny according to the fan polls).

That leaves the final nominations this week for eviction as Andrew and Sabrina. Unless something drastic happens in the next few days, right now it looks like Andrew is probably going to be the one to get the boot. There is still plenty of time for a radical vote shift, however, so keep on watching for the latest developments!


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