The Big Brother Canada spoilers for the week 4 Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony are out! As the results in our spoilers show, this week on BBCAN really demonstrates how quickly things can change in the house. A Houseguest can easily go from being the one with all the power, to crashing right to the bottom of the pack in just a few days.

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Last Week, Ika was riding high as the Head of Household and the Power of Veto winner. She pretty much had the ability to do exactly what she wanted to with her nominations and no one could change them. However, after Paul was evicted and Rachelle became the new HoH, everything changed.

New Head of Household Rachelle initially nominated Allison and Heather to go on the block for eviction. However, those nominations were very subject to change if one of them won the Power of Veto Competition and took themselves off the block.

Which, it turns out, is exactly what happened. Jon, Kenny, and Sarah were the selected players to join HoH Rachelle and nominees Allison and Heather for the PoV Competition. We aren’t sure exactly what happened yet since the competition was blacked out on the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds, but it sounds like something happened that made Heather give up the PoV to Allison. We’ll find out about that tonight.

Once Allison had the Power of Veto, she of course used it to save herself from the block. That’s where Rachelle’s nefarious plan to backdoor the last person to hold the HoH title kicked in. She promptly put up Ika as the renom. The girls want her out and it looks like it is very likely going to happen on Thursday night with the First Five alliance behind the plan.

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Ika is very much aware she is most likely headed home this week. Which is why she didn’t seem very bothered at all when she was given the choice between giving letters from home to the other Houseguests, or pocketing $5,000. She promptly shredded the letters and grabbed the cash. The other HGs apparently got to watch while she did this… so we doubt there is going to be anyone changing their minds about evicting her after that.

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