Well, if you already know the Big Brother Canada spoilers for who won the Power of Veto this week, you pretty much already know some of what happened at the Veto Ceremony. Maybe not all of it, however, because it turns out there was a bit of a surprising twist in store for the Houseguests.

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With Kenny and Allison up on the block this week thanks to Head of Household Heather, it was vital for Kenny in particular to win the Power of Veto Competition. If he didn’t, he was pretty much going to be toast when it came time for the eviction.

Luckily for Kenny, he somehow managed to swing a win in the Power of Veto Competition. Naturally, when it came time for the Power of Veto Ceremony, Kenny promptly took himself off the block. That left Allison up on for eviction and Heather faced with the task of putting up a renomination.

But wait! What’s this? Allison actually has a veto power too! That’s right, Allison found a Hidden Veto thanks to clues she uncovered after she noticed something had been changed in the Big Brother Canada house. (We won’t spoil the fun for you on how that all went down in case you want to watch on Wednesday night’s show.)

However, Allison did NOT use her special Hidden Veto power to take herself off the block. She has been repeatedly assured she is safe this week and is in no danger. Heather already had plans for who she would go after if something happened to her first target, Kenny. So Allison kept her hidden power secret and safe for a future need.

Heather, meanwhile, went ahead with her plan to put Sarah on the block as the new target for eviction. Unless something crazy happens, it will almost certainly be Sarah going home on Thursday night. Although it would be pretty dramatic if the house flipped and Allison ended up going home when she could have saved herself!


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