Big Brother Canada season 1 alum Liza Stinton recaps BBCAN2 finale in her latest YouTube video and it’s like watching someone drunk and on speed at the same time. Really, we aren’t sure how anyone can be this loud and enthusiastic with those painted on eyebrows and expect to be taken seriously.

Big Brother Canada finale Liza Stinton

Honestly, we can’t take her seriously in the least as any kind of future television personality that doesn’t involve reality TV. However, we did find her take on the Big Brother Canada season 2 finale rather entertaining regardless. Especially that bit where she points out how Jon was ‘accidentally’ heaving water into Sabrina’s boat during the first part of the final Head of Household Competition.

Like many viewers, Liza Stinton was thinking Jon and Neda would probably take each other to the final two, even though we suspected both of them were probably too smart to actually stick to that deal. Turns out, of course, that Jon was wise enough to figure out that taking Neda to the final two would be a very bad idea. And we found after she was eliminated, Neda had no intention of taking Jon if it had been her.

We don’t know if Liza has a future as an entertainment host, but we enjoyed her insider takes on Big Brother Canada season 2 this year. Hopefully she will be back next year on YouTube recapping BBCAN3!

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