After 19 seasons, the CBS mega hit Big Brother is debuting the first ever celebrity edition this Wednesday evening, February 7, at 8pm EST. Of the eleven houseguests (already in the Celebrity Big Brother house), two are very well known in the reality TV genre for outrageous scandal and titillating drama. Viewers anticiate that Omarosa Manigault Newman and Beverly Hills housewife Brandi Glanville are going to bring some serious excitement to Big Brother: Celebrity Edition.

Few people attain one-name notoriety; Omarosa has not only has accomplished that difficult feat, but she is also known as being one of TV’s top villains. E! news named her TV’s number one bad girl. She went from appearing on three seasons of The Apprentice to receiving the highest possible salary for a White House staffer. That’s not too shabby for a “bad girl”.

In 2004, after Omarosa appeared on the first season of The Apprentice , and she added a few more reality shows under her belt including Celebrity Apprentice, All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, Fear Factor, the Surreal Life, Girls Behaving Badly, the Great Debate, the Ultimate Merger, and lastly Big Brother: Celebrity Edition.

She is best known for her no nonsense attitude in the boardroom of The Apprentice, where others referred to her behavior as controversial, alienating, conniving, and scheming… just for starters. Omarosa should fit right in at the Big Brother house.

After a decade and a half of reality TV, Omarosa became Director of African-American Outreach for Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign. Once elected, President Trump named her as one of only nine transition team members for the Trump Administration.

Eventually, she was named Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison for the Trump Administration. Maybe she can explain that title to us during some down time in the Big Brother house.

After only serving the President for a year, Omarosa suddenly left her position in January 2018. Although she claims to have resigned, several reports have stated that she was indeed fired and even forcibly removed from White House grounds. Chief of Staff for President Trump, John F. Kelly, has since claimed Omarosa was fired from her position at the White House, although Omarosa still refutes the firing. Oh the late night Big Brother stories should be grand.

Photo Courtesy of TMZ

Although Omarosa is an ordained Baptist minister with a Master’s Degree in Communications, she is no stranger to on-screen, dramatic confrontations with several celebrities. She has had more than one TV battle with Piers Morgan. In 2008, after competing against one another in Celebrity Apprentice, and then again in 2013 when Piers was enlisted as a judge. She has also tangled with La’Toya Jackson after La’Toya insinuated Omarosa was responsible for the death of her then fiancé Michael Clarke Duncan. Omarosa has gone as far as to accuse a fellow Apprentice contestant of calling her the n-word, a claim vehemently denied by Ereka Vetrini. Drama, drama, drama.

With such a flair for the dramatic, what happens when Omarosa is pitted against another celebrity known for her drama outbursts inside the Celebrity Big Brother house? Well, we don’t have much longer to wait and see what fireworks may erupt between Omarosa and  Brandi. Our Big Brother dreams may just come true, especially during the live feeds overnight, when houseguests tend to let their guards down.



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