12:00AM BBT – 6AM BBT – 6/24/2016

At midnight the Have-Nots are released from their punishments and finally get to chow down on some real food. Paul ignores the food made for them by Natalie and eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead. He really does look like crap.

During and after the food feast, we have some game play talk going around. Jozea has apparently called for a House Meeting at 2AM, but only invited certain people to it. James, Tiffany, Michelle and Corey were all apparently not invited — none of the veterans were (and this apparently made Nicole cry because she doesn’t understand why).

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James tells Frank he’ll stowaway in the room to listen in. They also discuss their Eight Pack alliance with Nicole, Michelle, Tiffany, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah and Corey. Apparently Bridgette and Paulie are also add-ons they believe they can rely on.

While some folks believe it was Nicole who won the secret competition and nominated Paul, Jozea and Victor now think it was Michelle. Victor thinks they need to work to get out Michelle, but Bronte is trying to convince them that Nicole is a way more important target. The guys seem to think they have enough votes to make sure Paul doesn’t get evicted this week. Da’Vonne falsely encourages this belief later by telling Paul he and Frank would vote out Paulie over him.

We interrupt these proceedings for a pillow fight between James, Bridgette Natalie, and even Paul a bit. Very cute and about all we see of Bridgette doing much of anything all night/day; rewind back on the Big Brother Live Feeds at around 12:25 AM BBT.

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Bronte is kind of fed up with Victor and Paul because they are being so freaky and paranoid about everyone. She and Natalie don’t want to have any more private meetings with either of them any more. They agree they don’t feel like they need to be messing up their games in order to keep Paulie from going home if that’s how the vote goes. Bronte says later on that she absolutely does not want a man to win this season and she would vote for any of the girls to win over any of the guys.

On the theme of paranoia, Da’Vonne talks about how some folks think there may be even more relatives of previous cast members in the game than just Tiffany and Paulie. Michelle looking so much like Nicole isn’t helping with that. She also talks to the cam about how she’s playing hard this time and will use anyone she has to, including Paul even though she doesn’t like him. She says she is going to manipulate the newbies all she can because they are playing the game badly so far.

Bronte tells Natalie she thinks that if any of the nominees wins the Veto and takes themselves down, it will be Michelle who would go up as the replacement. She also says Victor and Jozea are mental and she’s worried about their whole alliance falling apart. They talk about how they have to make friends with Tiffany and Nicole and get in with them. Natalie jokes about how the boys think they are so hot and so the girls like them and they will be easy to manipulate.

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Nicole and James look for places James can hide in the room where Jozea’s House Meeting is supposed to happen, but it ends being for naught. For some reason, Jozea mysteriously cancels the meeting he mysteriously called in the first place. He claims he is too tired to deal with that now.

Tiffany, Zakiyah, Nicole and Da’Vonne talk about their Fatal Five alliance and how to work side alliances while still remaining true to their core all girls alliance. It’s only a week in and we have two all girls alliances. Only time will tell if they both end up imploding like they usually do after only a few weeks.

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