6:00AM BBT – 7:00 PM BBT – 6/24/2016

Houseguests start stirring around 9AM BBT after getting their wake up call but not much happens for a while. Just after 10 AM, Frank talks to Da’Vonne and Nicole in the HoH room about the upcoming Veto Competition, which everyone thinks will happen today. They are all worried that Jozea might win it but they think he’s kind of stupid and probably not much of a threat in competitions.

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Frank thinks Paulie can take the Veto and make sure their eviction plans stay on track. He also says he will give Paul a firm talking to that he better not do anything crazy like win the Veto and take Jozea off the block instead of himself, or he’ll get the boot out the door.

There is more bashing of Jozea over the comments he made about the 4th of July and how nobody asked soldiers to die for their country and we shouldn’t be celebrating it. Production once again cuts out though, because apparently they have decided to censor that topic, unlike things like the horribly racist and homophobic comments other houseguests have made over the years.

Meanwhile, Paulie is still a bit nervous about playing the pawn, but tells Bronte he isn’t worried about getting evicted. He plans to win the Power of Veto Competition and take himself off the block.

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We find out from Frank that it was actually him who won the new challenge that will be airing on Sunday. The competition was called ‘Roadkill’ and he was the winner and put up Paul as the third nominee. He talks about telling Paulie about this to make him feel better about being the pawn against Jozea.

The feeds go down for a bit so the Power of Veto players can be chosen. When they come back up, we find out that Paul, Paulie and Jozea will play as the nominees, Nicole will play as the HoH, and Da’Vonne and Corey were the other houseguests picked to play. Nicole is pleased how the draw worked out and that Victor didn’t end up chosen.

Paul shows he’s a complete airhead when it comes to the game of Big Brother when he actually tells Jozea that maybe it would be better not to use the Veto if one of them wins it. Paul seems to seriously believe that the numbers are totally on their side and Paulie is going to be the one evicted. If you are a serious Big Brother fan, you know you NEVER don’t use the Veto to take yourself off the block, no matter how many votes you think you have on your side. That is just begging to be evicted.

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We get a little flirting around noon between Bronte and Corey as he gives her a bit of a backrub. Of course, Corey has been giving EVERYONE — guys and girls — backrubs. He apparently just has a fetish for it.

Oh, and it seems that Corey has not learned not to call things that he thinks are bad or stupid “gay”. He has a history of this on social media that was uncovered by Big Brother fans, and he’s still doing it. He gets in a minor tiff with Jozea when he’s talking about his high school best friend’s bachelor party and how it was “gay”. Jozea immediately confronts him about this, saying that gay is not a bad thing and he shouldn’t use that word to mean something negative. Corey tries to backpedal all over the place and then finally says he’s sorry, but it’s a figure of speech ‘everyone’ uses where he is from. Doesn’t make it cool Corey, just because ‘everyone’ does it.

Not content with making enemies of the other houseguests, Jozea starts bashing production. He claims they rig the game and comps so they will be won by who production wants to win, and they act like The Hunger Games to get things to turn out how they want them to. Don’t bash production honey. Because if they are manipulating anything behind the scenes (although we don’t believe they rig, but they may influence), they are most assuredly going to make sure your butt goes home ASAP if you pull that crap.

Speaking of Jozea, who has really turned out to be quite a wanker, he once again demonstrates how he didn’t even bother to learn anything about Big Brother after being cast on the show. When Michelle says she’d like to have Ian Terry as her date to the wrap party, Jozea doesn’t even know who that is. /facepalm Oh, and don’t think Da’Vonne has forgotten about that whole bit he said about being the ‘Messiah’ of the house, because she is still talking bashing him over that.

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Lots of random chit-chat and a bit of gameplay talk here and there. James is irritated with Jozea about something he said, but we’re not sure what. Nicole talks to Corey to try to smooth out any weird stuff she feels might be between them. Don’t know exactly what she’s thinking there as we aren’t aware of anything odd going on there, but could have missed something on the Feeds or before the Feeds came on. Victor insists that Jozea must use the Veto to take himself off the block if he wins, and Jozea says he will.

James tries to make a call in the phone booth, but it doesn’t work. He also tries to scare Da’Vonne and Nicole, but they catch him at it. Yep, James is back to his old prankster ways.

Just after 4:00 PM BBT, the Live Feeds cut out again for the Veto Competition.

6:25 PM BBT: Live Feeds are still off for the Veto Competition.

6:50 PM BBT: Live Feeds return and we quickly find out that Paul has won the Power of Veto. That means Jozea will continue to be the main eviction target for now. And apparently there are new costumes in the house… Michelle, Paul, and Jozea are all wearing them. Not sure if they are punishments or just leftovers from the PoV Comp they haven’t taken off yet.

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That’s a wrap for our Friday Live Feeds highlights report. We’ll continue our coverage tomorrow will our overnight and daytime Saturday report!

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