Rumor has it on the Live Feeds that Big Brother 16 cast member Zach might just have a little thing for Paola. Of course, Zach is a big flirt who has spent most of the Big Brother 2014 season cuddled up with Frankie in an almost-but-not-quite showmance. So what could be better than a snuggly Zack/Frankie/Paola cuddle that turns into a massive tickle attack?

Big Brother Live Feeds Highlight (CBS)

Big Brother Live Feeds Highlight (CBS)

Zach, Paola, and Frankie were all cuddled up in the Earth Bedroom looking like some kind of sexy little threeway about to happen. Then, suddenly Zach tickle attacked Paola, causing the most outrageously loud and uncontrollable laughter to burst forth from her tiny body.

Frankie looks entirely shocked by the amount of sound Paola produces while Zach is mercilessly tickling her until she is squirming around like a wet worm on a sidewalk. At one point Paola nearly knees Frankie in the face while he desperately tries to stay out of the way of her flailing legs.

As everyone is trying to recover their breath after the tickle attack, Frankie says succinctly: “I don’t but I feel violated.” Even more funny are the Houseguests coming in wondering what the hell just went on to cause someone to make those kinds of sounds!

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