Ever since the Power of Veto Meeting on Monday, it’s been kind of boring in the Big Brother 16 house. Although there has been a bit of game talk back and forth about the eviction this week, it’s pretty much set in stone who is going to go home. Which leaves the Big Brother 2014 cast with a whole lot of free time they need to fill anyway they can.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Big Brother Live Feeds

For example, Caleb deciding he is going to try to teach Nicole to juggle. Now that’s really not something we thought we would ever see. Let’s just say that things went about as well as you might expect with Nicole trying to figure out how to juggle a bunch of balls.

First of all, can Caleb do a little of everything or what? The man may be whacked in the head a bit, but he does have skills, we have to admit it. Apparently one of those skills is juggling pool balls. He may be good at keeping his balls in the air, but he is maybe not quite as skilled at teaching someone else to do it.

After watching this video, we’d say that perhaps Nicole should steer away from trying to handle multiple balls at the same time. She just doesn’t have the gift. Caleb, on the other hand, seems to know how to keep his balls behaving very nicely…


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