The endless Big Brother Live Feeds discussions continue about which of the two final Houseguests on the block should be kicked off to the Jury house on Thursday night. We know who we would like to see stay, but the players in power just can’t seem to solidly make up their minds. The eviction nominees themselves certainly aren’t making it any easier as they just keep talking, for better or for worse.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Normally we like to be on pins and needles before a Big Brother eviction night, but at this point it’s getting a bit ridiculous. While it still seems like there is a definite leaning of those in power toward who will be getting the boot, there is a lot of waffling going on. One minute there’s a talk about this Houseguest being the one to save, and an hour later, it’s all about that other one being more valuable to keep. Madness!

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do notproceed if you do not want spoilers!

Big Brother Live Feeds Wednesday Overnight

12:00 AM BBT: After a long day of back and forth over the upcoming eviction, things have chilled out a bit. There is still plenty of talk going on, especially with Vanessa still sort of campaigning to keep Johnny Mac, even though half the time it seems like she’s trying to undermine her own efforts.

Vanessa quizzes the twins about competitions while Austin watches and helps them with how to remember stuff. Austin leaves. Julia says Austin doesn’t care about whether it is Steve or Johnny Mac who goes. She’s torn. Liz thinks Johnny Mac is going to come after her and she can’t work with him.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Vanessa says she thinks Steve would be more likely to win than Johnny Mac if he got to the final two. Yet again Vanessa talks about how she doesn’t need the money, which just makes us want to snack her upside the head (and is not a good winning strategy). Austin and Steve come in and talk turns.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Outside, Meg and James are at the pool talking game. They both agree they would not vote for Vanessa to win if she was in the final two, they’d rather vote for the twins even. They talk about how Vanessa pretends to play the victim and how confrontational she is and wonder about what they will do depending on who comes back in the house.

Liz comes out and talks to Meg and James about the eviction. James suggests they should just do rock, paper, scissors to decide. Meg talks about how she just saw Steve and Vanessa studying in the bathroom. She doesn’t get how Vanessa has been fighting with Steve but now she is helping him.

12:20 AM BBT: Liz and Julia don’t want to vote out Steve after promising him he would stay. Liz thinks Johnny Mac would come after them and is pissed over him revealing the five person alliance to get Vanessa out. Julia thinks Steve would be more loyal to them.

Big Brother Live Feeds

12:45 AM BBT: Vanessa tells Johnny mac that Austin doesn’t care either way about who goes out and the twins kind of told her it was her choice. So once again, she’s playing like she is supporting him, but at the same time she keeps saying stuff about Johnny Mac to the Austwins that make them freak out about him. Weird. They both settle in to go to sleep.

1:25 AM BBT: Meg tells James he is being weird after he asks her if he can get her anything. Then he goes to try to prank Julia again and scare her, but it doesn’t work this time. Back to Meg and James tells her they should get with Steve tomorrow and talk to him.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Speak of the devil, Steve comes in and he wants to talk. He asks them for their vote. James says he feels like he and Meg are a dying breed and just hanging on as long as they can. Meg and James say they are worried right now and they can all talk tomorrow.

1:50 AM BBT: Austin and Liz cuddling and being icky in the Head of Household room. Austin says he doesn’t want to be without Liz even for one day and he can’t get enough of her. She looks kind of uncomfortable and doesn’t really respond to this. Steve runs around downstairs alone as usual for a while.

Big Brother Live Feeds

3:30 AM BBT: It’s an early night for the Houseguests with even Steve in bed and everyone trying to sleep.

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