Have you ever wanted to party with a bunch of Big Brother HouseGuests for the new year? Maybe not, but if you ever did have that strange desire, we have good news for you!

Big Brother New Year's Eve Bash - Source: VENUE/Facebook

Big Brother New Year’s Eve Bash – Source: VENUE/Facebook

For the very reasonable price of just $30 (and the cost of a plane ticket for most people), you can join a group of Big Brother USA and Big Brother Canada HouseGuests at a huge party in Vancouver on New Year’s Eve.

The Big Brother Famz NYE 2014 Bash takes place at VENUE starting at 10PM PT (doors open at 9PM) on 12/31/2013. Some of the HouseGuests that are expected to be at the event include:

Peter Brown (Vancouver BC CAN) BBCAN1 www.twitter.com/alsopeterbrown
Alec Beall (Vancouver BC CAN) BBCAN1 www.twitter.com/AlecBeall
Suzette Amaya (Vancouver BC CAN) BBCAN1 www.twitter.com/SuzetteAmaya
Danielle Alexander (Fort Mac AB CAN) BBCAN1 www.twitter.com/daniellealex
Talla Rejaei (Edmonton AB CAN) BBCAN1 www.twitter.com/Talla_87
Judd Daughtery (Etowah Tenn USA) BB15 www.twitter.com/JUDDNATION
Ian Terry (New Orleans LA USA) BB14 www.twitter.com/TulaneTerry
Danielle Murphree (Grant AL USA) BB14 www.twitter.com/DanielleAlexisM

More information and tickets can be found here and you can also check out the latest on the event at the Big Brother Famz NYE Bash Facebook page.

Honestly, if we didn’t already have plans… we might go just to watch Ian Terry and Judd Daughtery get drunk since we’re right across the border. But then we remembered Danielle Murphree is also going… so nope, nevermind.

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