The first week of Big Brother: Over the Top has almost come to an end, and fans are all still becoming accustomed to all new ceremonies and unparalleled viewer involvement in this 19th installment of the social experiment series.  So far, fans have been able to vote for a third houseguest (HG) that was nominated to the Block, and polls are currently open for fans to vote for their choice of HGs for eviction from the Big Brother house this week.  The HG receiving the most votes will receive one additional vote during the eviction ceremony.

Big Brother Over the Top Veto Ceremony (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Big Brother Over the Top Veto Ceremony (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

The Power of Veto (POV) ceremony aired live earlier today on the the Big Brother feeds, and the POV competition was held yesterday.  For results of these and other events of the week, please continue reading.

The Head of Household competition this week was titled “Big Brother Bug” and entailed HGs pawning off an infection to each other over a 24-hour period until one HG stood alone as the only uninfected HG.  Shane Chapman was the first HG to become infected and passed the infection throughout the house until Alex Willett, Whitney Hogg, and Monte Massongill were left standing.  Finally, the last infection was passed onto Alex by Whitney thereby leaving Monte as the first HOH this season.


A new ceremony was introduced this season titled the “Safety” ceremony where the HOH names HGs as ‘safe’ from eviction rather than directly nominating HGs to the Block for eviction.  After two rounds of Safety ceremonies held in two days, back-to-back, the two remaining HGs are thereby nominated to the Block for eviction.  Monte nominated Neeley Jackson, Morgan Willett, Shane, Whitney, and Michael “Cornbread” Ligion in the ceremony’s first round.  The following day, Monte named Justin Duncan, Kryssie Ridolfi, Shelby Stockton, Scott Dennis, and Alex as safe, thereby nominating Danielle Lickey and Jason Roy to the Block for eviction.


After the Danielle and Jason were nominated for eviction, all of the HGs were informed that a third HG would be nominated to the Block by the fans.  Needless to say, this revelation sent shock waves through the house.  The fans voted and chose Cornbread for the third nominee to the Block.

The POV competition was titled “Veto Vault” and the HGs had to figure out a four digit number to win.  Clues were scattered throughout the Big Brother house revealed the digits to use to win the competition.  The HGs that competed were Monte, Cornbread, Alex, Whitney, Jason, and Danielle with Jason winning the POV.


At the POV ceremony, Jason removed himself from the Block.  This left Monte with the task of nominating a replacement to the Block for eviction.  His choice was Kryssie, and she was named as the replacement nominee to the Block for eviction.  Therefore, the final three HGs on the Block for eviction this week are Danielle, Kryssie, and Cornbread.  Don’t forget to vote for your choice for eviction this week.  Keep reading for more information.

Big Brother has included viewers in the game like never before.  Here are the ways fans have become an integral part of the game this week.

America’s Nominee Vote – After the HOH has nominated two HGs to the Block for eviction, viewers will have the opportunity to vote for a third HG to be nominated to the Block for eviction.  This week, the HOH, Monte, nominated Danielle and Jason to the Block, and America voted for Cornbread as their choice to join Danielle and Jason as nominees for eviction.

America’s Eviction Vote – For the first time in the history of Big Brother, fans will have the opportunity to cast a vote for which HG they would like to see evicted each week.  The HG that receives the most votes by the fans will receive one extra vote during the eviction ceremony.  This week, fans can vote for Danielle, Cornbread, or Kryssie.  Voting is still open at the CBS Big Brother site and will remain open until Wednesday, October 5 at 1 PM PST (4 PM EST).  Click here to vote now.

America’s Care Package Vote – Back again by popular demand is the ability for viewers to vote to send their favorite HG a special advantage in the game.

America’s Have Nots Vote – Each week, fans will vote for which three HG will be “Have Nots” for the upcoming week.  This vote should be open next week for viewers.


Please note: Fans must be members of the CBS All Access Pass to participate in voting.

The weekly full episode of Big Brother: Over the Top will air tomorrow evening at it’s regular time 10 PM ET/7 PM PT followed by the live eviction episode at 11 PM ET/ 8 PM PT.  After the live eviction episode, the new HOH competition can be viewed.  The weekly full episode will get you caught up on all of the week’s events as mentioned above to prepare you for the live eviction tomorrow evening.

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