The Big Brother Over the Top cast was revealed a few days ago, and now we get to see them in action for the first time on tonight’s fall season premiere!! We’ve already decided on a few of the houseguests as our early favorites based on first impressions from their interviews. Like Cornbread the country boy. Yes, there is actually a player who calls himself Cornbread. You just gotta love Big Brother casting.

Big Brother Over the Top Cast (CBS)

Big Brother Over the Top Cast (CBS)

Overall the Big Brother Over the Top cast is quite intriguing and definitely a bit different from the usual players we get for the show in recent year. We can’t help but wonder if that might be somewhat because normal Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass reportedly did not pick out the BBOTT houseguests. Instead, it was supposedly the folks who usually cast Survivor who chose the Big Brother Over the Top cast members.

Sure, there are plenty of ‘model wannabes’ and ‘probably looks good with his shirt off’ guys, just like every season. However, there seems to be a much wider mix of so-called ‘real’ people in this cast. Although, once again, there are plenty of complaints out there on social media about the lack of diversity among the houseguests yet again.

The photos and CBS bios released in the cast reveal on Monday are all well and good, but we are always most eager for the show to premiere. That’s where you start to really get a sense of their personalities and possible game play strategies going into the house. We’re ready to get this party started, see what new twists this special CBS All Access only season has in store, and take a closer look at our new players entering the Big Brother Over the Top house tonight!

Let’s get started…Julie has promised the viewers will have a say and vote in nominations, evictions and other twists along the way.  Before the houseguests (HG) move into the Big Brother house, we are being introduced to each HG with a brief introduction.

Shane is a roofer by trade and enjoys working with his family.  Neeley is a nonsense kind of woman and looks very young for her age.  Cornbread has won the Redneck Olympics for three years in a row.  Shelby recently graduated from law school and is ready to ‘meet some dudes’.  Justin owns a restaurant and brags thats he is the life of the party.  Kryssie is a wild and crazy girl as though it seems.  She is a powerlifter and can probably kick your ass.  Monte is a pretty boy with lots of layers to him.  He has the looks and the smarts to go with it as he is an engineer associate.  Danielle is a single mom of a toddler and is looking for her ‘ride or die’.  Scott is a BB superfan and still a virgin.  Alex is a secret nerd and loves Pokemon.  Her younger sister, Morgan, is also a HG on the show this season.  Morgan is a southern girl with lots of looks and is nothing like her sister.

Scott is the first to enter the house and rushes to be the first to pick out his bedroom.  He is aimlessly wondering through the house and finally settles on a bed in the London room.  He did find a locked door with no access in his bedroom that should come into play later in the game.

The second HG to arrive is Morgan.  Scott quickly takes her around to show her the bedrooms so she can pick her room.  Scott does show Morgan the secret door he found in his room.  Scott counts the plates at the kitchen table and settles on the fact that there are 13 HGs coming into the house.  They continue the tour of the house including reading the tips left on the chalkboard from the previous HGs or the final 3.

The third HG to join the party is Shane and greet everyone with a big hug.  He quickly grabs a bed and drops his luggage.  The three HGs share idle chit-chat about where they are from and what they do for a living.  The three also venture upstairs for the first time.

The HGs do notice that there are 13 place settings at the big kitchen table but 3 additional settings at the kitchen island.  In addition, there are 16 key slots on the big board.  They are confused if there will be 13 HGs or 16 HGs this season.

Neeley comes into the house next and immediately begins to look for her bed.  Once that is resolved in the girly Tokyo room, the HGs take another tour around the house together.  Only nine more times of doing this…

Morgan and Neeley are bonding over their common Texas roots.  Shelby strolls in next and once she introduces herself, she grabs a twin bed so she can sleep alone.  Shelby also wants to hide and scare the next HG coming into the house.  She could be the female version of James.

Cornbread has entered the house, AKA Michael.  He is the oldest HG this season at 41 years old.  He could very well be the life of the party this season.


The HGs want to know why there is no champagne there to greet them at their new digs.  Big Brother could have at least splurged and got them some Mad Dog 20/20 to make them feel at home, come on now.  That would have only added $10 or so to the budget and that’s a bottle for each of them!

This may go down in Big Brother history as the slowest premier in the history of the show.  Thus far, there is not much to be impressed about with the new All Access format.  Hopefully, more exciting times are heading our way.  We are an hour into the show and so far we only have six HGs in so far.

Now Kryssie joins the party.  She claims that she is Italian and loves to hug everyone.  She begins her tour of the house and everyone follows along like little puppies.  Kryssie seems to be one of those types that you can absolutely love or want to duct tape her mouth after the first week in the house.

Whitney comes through the door next and her southern drawl is so long it follows behind her into the house.  Whitney shares with the group that the last week was horrible for her being sequestered and alone for so long.  Whitney didn’t realize that the girls will have to double up and share beds so she puts her luggage on a chair as if to claim that as her bed.  Kryssie and Whitney say that they have boyfriends back home that they will be loyal to while in the Big Brother house.

The girls and guys have already split into their respective groups.


The doorbell rings and our restauranteur from NOLA joins the party.  Justin is looking very dapper in his hat and camo print suit jacket.  All the ladies comment on how well Justin smells after he gives his round of hugs.

Alex is the next to join the party.  She hugs her sister Morgan and shares her name with her as if they do not know each other.  I hope they are good at keeping a big secret because if this one gets out, it could quickly blow up both of their games.


Monte joins the group, and after his introductions, Shane latches on and shows Monte to the boys bedroom.  Shane seems like he is trying to forge an early relationship with Monte and even shares info about the other HGs he has noticed thus far.

The group is just hanging out in the kitchen getting to know one another.  We are still waiting for Danielle to join the HGs, and then the final reveal of either Jason Roy or Jozea Flores as the last remaining HG.  My money is definitely on Jason Roy for the HG voted by America to join this season.


Danielle has finally joined the group and is welcomed with open arms by all.  JASON ROY has joined the Big Brother house.  Jason tells the HGs to show him around his old house.  Now that all the HGs have arrived, production announced that champagne is available in the storage room and not Mad Dog 20/20 as I anticipated.

As the HGs toast to the start of Big Brother: Over the Top, please check out our Twitter feed for additional updates!  One night down and 64 more nights to go.

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