On Big Brother 18 tonight, we’ll take a walk down memory lane and look back over the crazy antics and drama of the season. More importantly, however, we’ll finally get to watch the first round of the final Head of Household Competition.

Final Head of Household

Normally, for many years now, Big Brother Live Feeds subscribers have always gotten to watch this round of the final HoH live. This season, we were totally blacked out with no explanation and didn’t get to watch any of it, although we did find out the spoilers on who won when the Feeds came back on.

Naturally, this blackout of the competition immediately led to a hoard of fans on social media claiming CBS didn’t let us watch so they could ‘rig’ the competition for the winner. While we aren’t going to jump on that bandwagon, we do think it was really nasty of CBS to suddenly take away one of the best end of season exclusives for Live Feeds viewers with no explanation.

All that aside, we have to let our annoyance with CBS go and move on to tonight’s special Friday night ‘Memory Lane’ episode. Most of the show this evening will be rehashing what’s gone on throughout the season, but host Julie Chen said on Wednesday night that we should get to at least see part of the first round of the final Head of Household Competition as well. If you can’t wait to find out who won that first round, you can check out the spoilers here.

Here we go with the start of our trip down memory lane of season 18 on Big Brother.  James, Nicole, and James begin by celebration their final three victory with a champagne toast.  James and Paul are very pleased with Corey’s eviction and claim this will be best for their final game.

Nicole is crying in the DR with the loss of Corey from the Big Brother house.  She misses his smile, but Corey did forget his Rory pillow that Nicole can cuddle with until the end of the game.  Rory is apparently Corey’s dog, but nonetheless, she has something of Corey’s to snuggle with at the moment.

The Feeds show Paul making final two deals with both James and Nicole.  Both deals seem legit, but Paul does confess he is just playing the game to protect himself in case he does not win the final HOH.  Paul is very convincing with his promises to James and Nicole…very convincing.

The next morning, the houseguests are awoken to a beautiful brunch spread at the ‘smallest’ Big Brother kitchen table including lots of Mimosa’s.  Now the trip down memory lane officially begins.  The conversation starts with all the tears shed this season.  Big Meech is at the top of that list, followed closely by Tiffany.  Paul’s butterfly encounter as well as Natalie’s breakdowns are featured.  Paulie’s emotional breakdown is agreed by the houseguests to be the winner of the season.  You know, when he attacked Natalie and told her she was as fake as those ‘things’ on her chest.


Next, they move on to all of pranks played throughout the season by all of the houseguests, especially the ringleader James.  The case of the missing Crocs was James’ favorite mystery of the season.  When James found the Crocs, they were frozen into water inside of a plastic bag…now that’s a good hiding place.

DR  confessions are up next, and it seems like we will not be disappointed with clips never shown before now.  Big Meech is crying more, Paulie is laid out flat on the couch, Day cries, Nicole cries.  This flashback of the DR is certainly full of drama, drama, drama.

Bromances and showman’s are highlighted next.  Paul and Victor’s adorable ‘marriage’ is featured with all of the squabbling and bickering those two endured with each other during the entire season.  Friendship, friendship, friendship!  James attempting to speak Spanish to impress Natalie is nothing but comical.  Nicole drooling over Corey working out is also quite humorous.

The final three toast to all those houseguests that fell before them starting with Glenn.  Remember Glenn that was on the show for less than 15 minutes.  They are running down each houseguest and showing their eviction day in the Big Brother house.  How the season has flown right on by us.

The first round of the final HOH competition has begun and it is cat themed, called ‘Hang in There Kitty’.  The winner of this competition advances directly to round 3 of the HOH competition with a clear advantage.  The HGs must follow a laser that will direct them to various endurance props throughout the set.  The last cat standing at the end is the winner.  James has proven to do quite well in endurance comps in the past.  Let’s see if that holds true tonight.


We only got a teaser the first round of the 3-part HOH competition this evening.  The remainder of the this comp as well as the remaining two rounds will be shown during the finale next Wednesday evening.  Check back for more spoilers on our page as the weekend progresses.


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