Problem Five – No Concern for JJM’s Safety

Becky Pleads with JJM to stick to the plan and vote out Vanessa.

Becky Pleads with JJM to stick to the plan and vote out Vanessa.

If Shelli plays in the Double Eviction HOH on Thursday night, and wins, Becky is safe but her allies are at risk. If Vanessa plays and wins, JJM is safe, but Becky and John are at risk. From JJM’s perspective, they would have a much better chance at protecting Becky if Vanessa happens to win HOH, and put her up, but Becky has no ability to protect JJM if Shelli wins and puts her up. Wrong or not, that is their perception based on what they know in the game.

What JJM continues to miss, beyond ALL reason and logic, is that Austin, Julia and Liz (aka the Austwins) are close allies of Vanessa’s. This voting bloc will vote how she wants. But, in JJM’s mind, if Becky and John go up on the block together, they have the votes to keep Becky. In real life, that is only true if Becky is up on the block next to Steve (who Vanessa has stated is her backdoor target if Becky or John comes down). The votes against Steve break down as JJM plus John voting to keep Becky. If Becky is on the block next to John, Steve would vote to keep John over her, along with the Austwins. Also, Becky would not want John to leave and saying that he would leave is not exactly comforting to her. This is something else JJM misses.

A possible solution to this problem lied in bringing together JJM with John, and by extension, Steve. If Becky would have included John in with her and JJM, this would have shown JJM that they would have that extra number to rely on during the double eviction. Talking out a plan with him and Steve would tell them that they do not have to worry about those two putting them. And, furthermore, it needed to be a plan to take out Shelli right after Vanessa. As it stands, JJM realizes that John and Steve would not target Shelli and, if they won, Shelli would be free to win the 2nd HOH of the night. On the other hand, if Shelli is evicted first, Vanessa would and SHOULD be the target of JJM’s, Steve’s and John’s if they won HOH.

When JJM brought up these points to Becky last night, she expressed no concern and gave no counterarguments or strategies that would help alleviate their concerns. They know that there is nothing that can be done if Shelli wins, after all, when Shelli spoke to Meg and Jackie last night, she did not attempt to even feign as if she would not put them up if they kept her. She offered them absolutely nothing in return for their votes. Becky has offered nothing to offset that.

From JJM’s perspective, they have the bases covered on how to keep Becky safe, even if their perception is off. In their minds, this makes them more concerned about them as a group, while Becky comes across as more concerned about herself as an individual.

Problem Six – Too Upfront with Vanessa

Becky did not treat her HOH as if it could backfire on her in any capacity. She even flat out refused to make a deal with Vanessa at the start of the week.

Problem Six is short and to the point. During the POV ceremony, Becky told Vanessa, upfront, why she did not want her in the house and why she needed to go. In hindsight, a better strategy would have been for her to say that she was worried that the votes could flip against John if he went up against Shelli, and to ensure that Shelli leaves, she needed someone who definitely would stay. Vanessa may not have believed it, but it would have given her some wiggle room.

All told, when you add all of these problems together, it makes Becky a very shaky ally in the eyes of JJM. And, if she is a shaky ally the question becomes, is it worth taking a gamble and voting out Vanessa first instead of trying to get her out second? As of last night, after hearing from Vanessa once more, JJM’s answer was a resounding no.

The truth is that both JJM and Becky have cause to be worried if their enemy wins HOH on Thursday.  For JJM, voting against Becky kills their relationship with her, even if she survives the double eviction. On the other hand, the Austwins have expressed, privately, the desire to work with JJM the next few weeks because they feel they would have a better chance going up against them in the final 6 than they have going up against John, Becky, Vanessa and/or Steve. In that sense, their plan could actually gain them a couple of more weeks.

There are arguments that can be made, all around, about what is best for JJM to do on Thursday night. Fans of Becky, John and Steve generally believe that JJM should vote out Vanessa as planned, while fans of JJM tend to lean more towards voting out Shelli first. This may be a clue as to how JJM should actually vote!

If Shelli is voted out first this week, this will be yet another week where a plan has fell through, a deal has been broken and an alliance falls apart. Welcome to the Big Brother 17 house!!!

What do you think? Who should JJM vote out tomorrow night? If they happen to get Vanessa out right after Shelli, could that salvage their relationship with Becky? Do you think JJM even wants to work with Becky anymore? Let us know!

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