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Latest Big Brother 15 Spoilers:

Love him or hate him, Big Brother‘s Frankie Grande knows how to work his own publicity machine. Using his time on the hit CBS reality show as a massive stepping stone, Frankie Grande has already managed to get on board as a new judge for America’s Best Dance Crew. Now it seems he’s landed yet another […]
Big Brother royal couple Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd recently announced they will finally be getting married in October, 2016. Before the happy nuptials take place, however, Jeff and Jordan will have to get their relationship priorities straight on the latest season of Marriage Boot Camp. Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars premieres this Friday, May 29 […]
The semi-finalists for the Big Brother 2015 cast have all been selected and contacted, according to BB17 Casting Director Robyn Kass. Sorry to say, but if you are still hoping to be part of the Big Brother 17 cast and haven’t gotten a phone call, it’s probably not going to happen. Big Brother 2015 casting […]
In the long tradition of CBS recycling cast members, strong rumor has it that former Big Brother 16 star Caleb Reynolds will be part of the Survivor season 32 cast. Former Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss was the first alumni to appear on Survivor, and now it looks like Caleb will be following in his […]
The first Big Brother 17 preview video has been officially released by CBS! The official CBS Big Brother 2015 premiere is just over a month away and we can’t wait for the ‘the madness and the mayhem’ to return! “It’s showtime!” screams former Big Brother 16 competitor Frankie Grande in opening the new Big Brother 17 […]
There are no verified Big Brother spoilers out there yet for season 17, let’s just be clear about that from the start! The new Big Brother 2015 cast will not be announced for quite some time yet, and in fact may not even have been completely nailed down yet! We are already starting to see various Big […]
Controversial Big Brother 15 contestant Aaryn Gries (now Aaryn Williams) married boyfriend Nick Williams in Montgomery, TX on Saturday. Several of her Big Brother 15 castmates took part in the ceremony, including GinaMarie Zimmerman as one of Aaryn’s bridesmaids. Big Brother Canada alumni Liza Stinton also attended the nuptials, and posted a bunch of photos of […]