Big Brother 2013 host Julie Chen

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Latest Big Brother 15 Spoilers:

Big Brother 2014 cast member Frankie Grande learned on Wednesday that his grandfather passed away. Despite the anguish of not being with his loved ones at this sad time, Frankie has decided he will not leave the competition. Frankie’s grandfather was reportedly 90 years old and had been ill for some time. His sister, singer […]
Time for the Week 4 eviction on Big Brother 16 tonight and the Big Brother 2014 cast will vote once again and send someone else through those doors to chat with Big Brother host Julie Chen. As it has been all season long, we should have a pretty clear vote tonight (probably unanimous) and a certain HG will deservingly walk through that door! Who will it be? Check out our Big Brother 16 spoilers below for our predictions!
Big Brother 16 continues tonight on CBS!. Tonight, the Houseguests compete for the coveted, golden Power of Veto. Then, the winner will chose whether to veto one of Cody’s two nominations. This past Sunday, we learned that Cody and Frankie became the two Heads of Household for the week. Frankie nominated Amber and Jocasta while Cody […]
While we wait for a new episode of Big Brother 16 tonight, it looks like we have some fresh reading material to enjoy and some new photos of the Big Brother 2014 cast. Cody, Head of Household for Week 4, has written his blog and got some time with the HoH camera. Check out the photos and blog below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!
While Frankie Grande has had mixed reviews from fans of Big Brother 2014, we need to put all that aside as some terrible news has been reported. The grandfather of Frankie Grande has passed away after months of health problems. He was 90 years old. Our prayers go out to the entire Grande family at this time.
We have come to another Veto Night on Big Brother 16 tonight, as the HGs are getting ready to put up the final nominees for Week 4 on Big Brother 2014. While the Big Brother Live Feeds have given details on everything that has gone done this week, some of you just like to see the shows as they air on CBS and you will get your emotions toyed with like the rest of us did earlier in the week!
It looks like the Photo Booth was opened up for the HouseGuests on Big Brother 2014 again and it was time for them to work their stuff for the cameras. As the weeks go on, you will notice that some of them have no problem working it for the came (we are looking at you Frankie Grande) and then other weeks on Big Brother 16, we don't even see some of them (we are looking at you Nicole and Brittany). Either way, check out the Week 4 fun below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!