We have some tasty Big Brother 2014 spoilers for you from the Live Feeds last night! After a rather uneventful day, things heated up big time when Big Brother 16 cast member Devin Shepherd decided to call a House Meeting to get something heavy off his chest.

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Big Brother 16 Devin & Donny (CBS)

The drama kicks off about 11PM BBT when Devin wakes up Donny in the Earth Bedroom to confess something big to him. He tells Donny that he promised his family he was going to play the game inside the Big Brother 16 house differently than anybody else had. He was going to play with “honesty and integrity and as soon as I come in through those doors, everything changes…”

Devin talks about how the greatest Big Brother players haven’t always gotten there by being honest inside the game. But he wants to let him know that he is the only reason Caleb nominated Donny for eviction. He tells Donny that he didn’t trust him and thought he was hiding something.

“The reason you were put up on the block… the sole reason is because of me,” Devin confessed. “I want to let you know that Caleb didn’t want to do it but I didn’t have trust in you. I felt that you were hiding something. And so I told… I said ‘we need to put Donny up’ and I said ‘he’s dangerous, I think he’s a threat, I think he’s somebody that he’s not’ and I 100 percent expect you to be disappointed in me, I expect you to be upset at me, and feel betrayed and loss of trust.”

Devin says the only thing that matters to him is “being a good role model” for his daughter and that is why he had to confess to Donny so she “knows the difference between the game and reality” and the “difference between right and wrong.”

Devin apologizes repeatedly for betraying Donny and at times seems about to burst into tears. Donny, being the insanely sweet guy he is, immediately forgives Devin. He says it is all water under the bridge, but he is glad to know putting him up wasn’t really Caleb’s idea. Devin assures Donny that he is no longer a target for him. He continues to talk about how he doesn’t want his daughter to think it is okay to compromise your integrity just because there is money on the line.

Now we skip over to the House Meeting called by Devin starting up about 11:20PM BBT. Devin opens the meeting (which is absent Amber and Caleb working on their own sh*t) by saying this is all real talk, this is not about game play. He then tells the others that coming into this house he “wanted to revolutionize the way we play Big Brother, at least for myself.”

Devin talks about how he wanted to play the most honest and integral game that’s ever been played. Choking up, he says that he knew he might not make it far playing that way, but he was okay with that. Then he got in the house and lost his head thinking about how the greats who have played the game haven’t always been honest and have been deceitful at times. So he forgot himself and just started playing fast and loose to get ahead.

He says he already told Donny, and now he is telling them, that he forced Caleb to put up Donny for eviction. Caleb had nothing to do with it, it was all him. With tears making his face wet, Devin says he didn’t trust Donny and was scared he wasn’t who he said he was. Now that he has gotten to know him better, it breaks his heart that he passed judgement on Donny that way.

Devin gives the spiel again about the money not being worth compromising his integrity and being a bad role model to his daughter, etc. After it is all over, Devin goes off to the WC stall and cries.

We aren’t sure how much of all this was a fake bid to get back into the good graces of the house, or a true emotional reaction to realizing he might be coming across as a bad guy to his daughter. We do know, however, that if he was trying to get the house to like him again, it probably did the exact opposite of his intentions. As Frankie said shortly after the meeting, Devin pretty much “just united the entire house against him.”

If Devin doesn’t manage to end up as the final Head of Household this week with the only safety in the house, we’re betting he is going to have a huge target painted on his back at the next eviction.


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