In our latest Big Brother Live Feeds Report, we have a lot of tasty spoilers to cover in a short amount of time! The Big Brother 16 cast were busy little bees Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Devin had a temper tantrum crying melt down, The Bomb Squad fallout was still in full force, and everyone thinks everyone else is lying — and they are!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Big Brother Live Feeds

Oh and there is so much more Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds to cover as well since our last report. We have everyone turning on their former allies, Houseguests going all kinds of crazy and paranoid, practice for the Head of Household Competition Thursday night, and all the members of The Bomb Squad trying to distance themselves from every having been part of the giant alliance with Devin.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. You have been warned! Proceed are your own risk.

We left off in our last Live Feeds spoilers report from Wednesday night with the Houseguests being given ‘activity monitors’ that America will somehow be able to monitor. We aren’t clear on exactly how that will happen yet, but figure host Julie Chen will tell us eventually.

5:20 PM (Wednesday Night) – Donny talks to Derrick and he is concerned about Frankie possibly screwing up the new Team America secret alliance. Derrick has a little more faith in Frankie and doesn’t think America would vote for him if he is a bad guy. (They still don’t know Frankie has hundreds of thousands of YouTube followers and his famous sister’s millions of fans out there to vote for him.) Donny thinks America voted for the three of them to be together because it would be good TV. Paola comes in, Derrick leaves, and Donny promises Paola his vote at the eviction.

6:55 PM – Derrick tells Victoria not to trust Brittany because she is working with Devin. His proof, of course, is that Devin used the Power of Veto to save Brittany from the block and they’ve been talking a lot.

7:05 PM – Donny and Jocasta talk in the Hive Room. Jocasta says she wants to give Paola her vote because she cares about her and prayed with her. Brittany comes in and Donny asks her who she wants to vote for. She says that keeping Zach might be better for her because she is a target. Donny says they will lose someone on their side if Paola is evicted. Brittany says Devin and Caleb want Paola to say and adds that she thinks Caleb is “more toxic” even than Devin. She wants a good person to win the game and someone who needs the money, not like Victoria who has a lot of it. They talk about how they think Devin, Caleb, Frankie, and Amber are still a solid core alliance. Donny says Caleb is the head of the snake and really needs to go.

7:30 PM – Derrick works hard to convince Victoria that Brittany is with Devin and she can’t be trusted.

7:45 PM – Christine tells Donny, Brittany, and Jocasta that Caleb and Devin are the masterminds behind The Bomb Squad and that she was pretty much clueless and not that involved. She says she didn’t have any participation in any decisions and they just had her there for her vote. She says she is voting for Zach to stay and so is Caleb.

8:05 PM – Derrick asks production when the Have-Nots will get to eat and stuff again. Apparently they are still going to be on slop for the Head of Household Competition and will have to wait another day. Meanwhile, everyone in the house is pretty much ignoring Devin’s existence.

9:05 PM – The backyard is opened to the Houseguests so they can practice for the Head of Household Competition. For the challenge, it looks like the HGs will have to stand in a metal bucket (which might possibly be filled with water or ice tonight) and whack croquet balls around obstacles to get into a goal. Some of the HGs note that Zach might have an advantage because he plays golf. But it is actually Paola who seems to be doing well. Which sucks for her since she probably will be evicted and never even get to play.

9:25 PM – All of the Big Brother 16 cast are out in the backyard practicing. Except for Devin, who is sulking in the kitchen. He makes dinner for himself and takes it up to the HoH room where he has been hiding to eat it. Then he throws his fork and rips off his mic. He hides in the shower several times and seems to be crying. Production tells him to put his mic back on and he refuses to do so. They tell him again and finally he complies. He does briefly go outside to look at the competition stuff.

10:00 PM – The Houseguests are moved back inside for lockdown again. Zach tells Brittany he thinks he has enough votes to stay now with Caleb and Amber saying they will vote to keep him. Brittany says everyone is lying in the house. Derrick joins them. Zach says he is going to win the comp. Caleb comes in and he didn’t even hit any balls during practice, he was just thinking about what angles to hit because the competition will be different when it is real. Derrick says if Brittany doesn’t come and talk to them tonight if they win HoH, she needs to go up on the block.

10:15 PM – Cody is trying to get back into Brittany’s good graces. He lies about how involved he was with The Bomb Squad. He tells her that she shouldn’t trust anyone except Derrick and Zach. Brittany says the only person she cares about from all of that group is Derrick. Cody defends Christine and Hayden, and talks smack about Devin, Caleb, and Frankie. Brittany says Caleb and Devin are disgusting and Amber is too easily manipulated.

11:05 PM – Brittany and Nicole mock Frankie a bit and talk about how they don’t trust him. Frankie comes in and Brittany leaves. Nicole tells him that she is voting to keep Zach because that’s what she though the house was doing.

11:25 PM – Zach tells Amber that some of the others think she is allied with Devin and Caleb and has been the whole season. Amber says she didn’t do anything and she is confused. She asks him if he thinks she should call a House Meeting. He says no that right now they are safe because the house has bigger targets. Amber says she thinks the girls want her gone and that Brittany, Jocasta, or Nicole would put her up. Devin comes in and conversation slams to a halt.

11:30 PM – Victoria and Nicole ask Amber what the house vote is and she says to keep Zach. She tells them she is upset because people have been saying she is working with Devin, Frankie, and Caleb. She says Caleb is upset with her because she hasn’t talked to him all day. She doesn’t like Caleb “the way he likes me” but she does like him as a person and friend. After a bunch of HGs come in and leave, and Amber is gone, Hayden tells the cameras when he is free that he hates Amber.

11:40 PM – Amber is getting real sick of people talking about her and she wants to be alone to play her own game. Caleb goes into the Hive Room and tries to defend Amber by saying that she is not working with Devin and Caleb, they are just friends. He says he isn’t in an alliance with Amber. They can call it a friendship or a showmance, but not an alliance. Caleb makes Jocasta mad when he says it could look like she and Cody are having a showmance. (Jocasta is married and a minister.) Jocasta tells Caleb he needs to chill out and be careful about how he talks to people. He apologizes. But she is mad and storms out.

12:00 AM – Zach tells Frankie and Christine that he told Amber everyone thinks she is in an alliance with Caleb and Devin. Christine calls him a genius. Christine says Amber probably thinks it was Nicole and Hayden who said it. Zach goes off on a tangent mocking all the HGs who are involved in the drama and is quite entertaining.

We briefly get the start of a list of the eight ‘recruited’ members of the cast this season: Joey, Victoria, Devin, Caleb, Brittany… and the Feeds cut out of course. Production does NOT like it when the HGs talk about that.

12:05 AM – Paola says two of her closest friends were on Big Brother 15 but she won’t say who. We know one of them was GinaMarie.

12:15 AM – Zach says he hopes the final six will be him, Cody, Derrick, Frankie, Hayden, and Christine.

1:30 AM – Nicole says she has only kissed four people in her life. Caleb says he wishes Amber would have a date with him on the hammock. (Hayden had one with Nicole, sort of.) Frankie comes in and jumps on Zach and starts wrestling him. Yeah Zankie is still here… even if it isn’t as close as it was before. Then he has a ‘meditation’ with Christine, Paola, Amber, and Jocasta. Caleb’s face through all of this is just priceless.

2:00 AM – More Donny conspiracies as Nicole and Christine whisper in bed that they think he might be a biology professor. Nicole says Cody is the hottest guy ever on the show but Hayden is more interesting. She says Hayden tried to kiss her but she turned her head so he only got her cheek. Nicole says Cody misses someone from hom but he is so flirty. Nicole is afraid Hayden will get bored with her.

Meanwhile, Hayden tells Jocasta he was forced into The Bomb Squad alliance and Devin told him he had to be in it or he would get voted out. Hayden says he was only brought into it a couple of days ago and he didn’t want to do it. Then he goes and tells Brittany what he told Jocasta.

2:45 AM – Derrick wonders how Devin can go from hating Brittany to suddenly having a crush on her.

3:20 AM – Brittany and Derrick are b**ching about being Have-Nots and can’t wait to get to sleep in real beds again. Derrick thinks whoever wins the HoH competition is going to just have to be lucky based on their practice session.

3:30 AM – Amber wants to know if Paola will just grab Zach and makeout with him if she gets evicted tomorrow. She says she is going to ask Zach the same question. Paola says if she did she would grab his butt first. They think it would be fun if it was a surprise to see how he would react. Paola says Frankie might get his heart broken. Amber says Frankie doesn’t like Zach like that, they just play around. Amber jokes that they should practice the kissing thing and Caleb is like, YES, LET US DO THAT. And she laughs it off.

4:30 AM – Caleb tells Paola that he would rather have Zach stay for game but her stay for personal reasons. She wants to know if he thinks she is going home. Caleb says he doesn’t know.

Not much else interesting happens and the Houseguests go to bed…

9:45 AM – Wake up time! The Have-Nots will finally get to eat tonight. The HGs wonder what Christine will eat if she is a Have-Not because she is gluten-free. She says milk and water and she’d have a good week-long fast. Derrick says he would never put her on slop and his wife would slap him if he did. Jocasta has a grapefruit and Caleb has never seen one whole before. He doesn’t know what it is until he asks her!

11:00 AM – Amber and Cody are not looking forward to being locked up in the HoH room today with Devin. Paola finally gets up and the first thing she says is that she wants to punch Devin in the face. Meanwhile, Donny and Jocasta agree they are both going to vote against Zach. Donny says he wants Paola to stay and Jocasta says she can’t vote for Zach to stay because of the things he has said about women.

12:20 PM – Live Feeds go off.

2:00 PM – Feeds come back on and the HGs are getting ready for the live eviction show. Devin shaves his head and Derrick cuts Frankie’s hair. He’s really good! Devin even asks him to help him the back of his head and Derrick do so very graciously.


Derrick also reassured Victoria the plan to vote to keep Zach is still on for tonight. She was worried because there were people up late talking.

2:20 PM – Devin apologizes to Derrick for throwing him under the bus. Derrick tells Devin it didn’t have to be that way. Devin says he is just trying to apologize. Derrick says Devin blew up his game but he does want to be friends outside of the house. Devin says that what hurts him is that they both have daughters and Derrick wants to keep Zach even after the stuff he said about him and his daughter. Derrick says it is what it is. Caleb comes in and he tells Devin he still wants to be friends outside of the house to. Devin leaves and Derrick calls Devin a rat that he will not work with anymore. Frankie calls him poison.

2:35 PM – Caleb tells Zach how Devin apologized and hopes they can still be friends outside of the house. He says Devin wants Zach gone because of what he said to Devin about his daughter during the Veto Ceremony. Zach says he didn’t say anything about Devin’s daughter, that was Paola. Zach tells Caleb he has his back.

2:50 PM – Devin and Derrick are talking again. Derrick says Devin may have cost him half a million bucks because he burned him with spilling everything about The Bomb Squad. He says Devin is good looking and might get some opportunities out of being on the show like some of the other guys. But he won’t and this is strictly business for him, not about getting famous. Devin has realized his game is totally screwed and now he is trying to find any friend he can. He tells Frankie the only thing he can do now is win competitions.

3:10 PM – Derrick tells Zach that they are good with votes. He says (again) that you don’t f**k with a man’s family or money and he will never work with Devin again. Zach agrees. Meanwhile, Devin says he will give a shoutout to his kids and Brittany’s kids if Julie Chen asks him a question. Brittany thinks this is a fine idea.

Big Brother Live Feeds go off again and won’t return until after tonight’s show.

More coming soon in our next Big Brother Live Feed spoilers report!

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