We have our first — and possibly only — Big Brother Double Eviction tonight on CBS. If you’d asked us just yesterday who would be the Big Brother 2014 cast member going out the door first, we would have been 100 percent certain. After a massive vote flip last night, however, things have turned a total 180 in the house.

Big Brother Double Eviction


WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

Since the Power of Veto Meeting on Monday, it was absolutely clear that Zach was the target for eviction this week and that he would be going hom. Nicole wanted him out. Hayden was on board. Donny was happy not to have to vote against Jocasta. Victoria hates Zach. Even Zach’s own Detonators and the mostly defunct Bomb Squad allies agreed to the plan. It seemed set in stone. Zach was out.

Then, on Wednesday night on the Big Brother Live Feeds, Caleb decided he just wan’t all that comfortable with the current plan in the house to blindside and evict a certain entertaining ally. He questioned Frankie on why they would want to evict Zach when he is a vote for their side, when Jocasta is a wild card and not an ally. Duh!

Read a full rundown of how the house vote flip happened in our special report from the Big Brother Live Feeds.

As kind of a direct result of this conversation, the idea spread around the house quickly that it might not be such a good idea to evict Zach. Especially when everyone compared notes and realized that Hayden and Nicole were pretty much working together to make sure the eviction turned out exactly how they wanted. The last nail in the coffin to the evict Zach plan was Frankie and Christine being told by Cody and Derrick that Nicole wanted to backdoor Frankie if Christine had used the Power of Veto.

After that, it was a rapid 180 turnaround to flip the vote to send Jocasta home this week instead of Zach. Cody, Derrick, Frankie, and Christine will all be voting to keep Zach for certain. They hope to blindside Hayden and Nicole with the vote, which should make for some priceless television. We’ll have to see how the votes shake out in the end, but as certain as we were yesterday that Zach was going home, we’re now just as certain that Jocasta will be evicted.

As for the second vote in the Big Brother Double Eviction tonight, that’s a tougher one to call. Donny and Hayden plan to go after Frankie and Christine if they win HoH. Donny wants to nominated Caleb with Christine with a plan to backdoor Frankie. However, the end result would likely be Christine getting evicted since Frankie is currently Caleb’s ally. Hayden would probably put Christine and Frankie up on the block together to begin with.

Victoria is more of a question. Hayden thinks she will be on board with going after Frankie and Christine. However, she is very close to Derrick right now and may be swayed by him on who to target. As for the other side of the house, we think that Hayden and Nicole will be the main targets to go up, but Donny may get the backdoor treatment. Derrick and Frankie may be Team America with Donny, but they have already talked about getting him out so they can do the missions how they want to without him interfering.

Should be an exciting night, that’s for sure!

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