What a night on Big Brother 17! First we had a dramatic eviction of one half of the season’s biggest showmance. Then it was on to our SECOND endurance Head of Household Competition in a row! How awesome is that?

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (3)

CBS Big Brother may have abandoned the whole Takeover Twist thing, but everything else going on, we are actually kind of glad! They barely have time to even shove the tip of the iceberg of craziness going on inside the house as it is. Thank goodness we have the Big Brother Live Feeds for everything they can’t or won’t show us, like the end of the Head of Household Competition tonight!

The competition tonight is a “slide” comp where the Houseguests have to fill a funnel with fake gas, and then traverse a slippery lane to fill their ‘gas tank’.

Once they reach a certain point, they can either chose to be Head of Household and end the game, or they can chose to be a ‘Never-Have-Not,’ or win $5,000, and keep playing. It is possible for one Houseguest to win all three prizes. But as soon as someone claims HoH, the game ends.

It’s almost 7:10 BBT and everyone is still moving it fast and hard. It’s hard to figure out who might be in the lead yet. But we do have quite the view of Jackie’s rear every time she turns around.

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (1)

Almost 20 minutes after 7PM BBT and everyone is still moving pretty well. A couple of folks have fallen down, but we always expect a little bruising from this competition style.  Everyone is really focused. Becky, oddly enough (because we just never expect much from her) actually seems to be doing rather well.

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (1)

Overall, it’s rather hard to tell who is ahead. Look at the overview pic for yourself and see if you can figure it out! We think (gasp) Becky might actually be in the lead! Followed by Jackie/John/Julia close behind?

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (1)

Ouch! At about 7:20 PM BBT, Julia hits the ground HARD. Austin had just fallen a little bit before, but not quite so nasty.

Looks like Julia and Becky are neck and neck right now at 7:29 PM BBT, with Becky slightly ahead.

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (1)

Becky appears to be pulling a bit more ahead at about 7:35 PM BBT. Our friends over at BigBrotherNetwork caught this pic that seems to show her in the lead.

Austin, meanwhile, is being a big whiny baby. He just keeps complaining about everything having to do with the competition and making grunting noises.

We’re at 7:40 PM BBT now and according to James, it looks like almost a three way race between Becky, John, and Julia. But we think it looks more like Julia and Becky still, but Julia looks more tired than Becky.

Flip to the next page for the rest of our Head of Household Competition recap and find out who won!


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