We have some exciting Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds this morning as Johnny Mac campaigns hard to keep from going home! It looks like there may actually be a possibility that we won’t know who got evicted on Big Brother tonight until the actual votes are counted. We do so love a surprise eviction!

Johnny campaigns to Meg (CBS)

Johnny campaigns to Meg (CBS)

Yesterday it looked like Johnny Mac’s Big Brother eviction fate was sealed as Vanessa and the Austwins seemed finally settled on voting him out after endless discussions back and forth this week. But Johnny Mac just was not ready to give up the fight! He has been campaigning like crazy, spilling secrets like magic beans, and it may actually be paying off. As of Thursday morning before the HoH lockdown, it looked like there might indeed be a chance for a vote flip going on.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do notproceed if you do not want spoilers!

Johnny Mac has been going back and forth with Vanessa for days trying to get her vote secured, which would be the key to pretty much everything. Vanessa has actually campaigned for Johnny Mac, but at the same time seemed to be trying to undermine him. It was actually quite confusing to watch her argue to the Austwins to keep him, and then make them terrified of Johnny Mac staying in the house. Vanessa basically covering all her a**, as usual.

Yesterday, Vanessa pretty much told Johnny Mac that things were hopeless because the Austwins were not going to change their minds about keeping Steve instead of him. Instead of leaving John feeling utterly defeated, he switched tactics. If he could convince Meg and James to flip the vote, then maybe he could get Vanessa on board, and vice-versa.

Thursday morning just after 9:50 AM BBT, Johnny Mac sat down with Meg and started telling her everything he knows. He told her that Steve was basically the chew toy for Austin and the twins, and they want to keep him to protect themselves. If they don’t get Steve out instead of him, then it will very likely be James getting the boot next. Meg says she wants to get with Vanessa about this.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Next up we have James and Johnny Mac hashing it out. He spills that he had a final two deal with Steve and a final five deal with the Austwins. Johnny Mac says that the Austwins had talked with him about making a deal to keep him this week if he would help them go after Meg and James. Johnny Mac also talks about how he will be a target if he stays, whereas Steve won’t be. James is listening, but he too says Vanessa needs to be part of anything that might happen with a vote flip.

Big Brother Live Feeds

After Johnny is gone, James and Meg talk it out. They seem interested in flipping and they believe what Johnny Mac has been telling them. Austin comes in and Meg talks about how she’s worried at keeping Steve (shut UP meg). Austin is obviously freaked out by this and he tries to talk up Steve. When he leaves, Meg and James are convinced that Austin was trying to hard about keeping Steve.

Big Brother Live Feeds

James tells Vanessa they have to talk and him and Meg tell Vanessa they are nervous about making the right choice at the eviction. Vanessa goes off for a few minutes but then comes back just after 10:20 AM BBT to talk.

Vanessa questions the Goblins about whether or not there was some kind of plan to keep her out of the Brass Tacks alliance. They aren’t really willing to say there was. Although Vanessa seems interested, Austin has sent spies and Liz, Steve, and Julia ends up coming through and breaking things up.

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