9:55 AM BBT: Feeds go to fish, we guess for wakeup time.

10:20 AM BBT: Steve announces that the Houseguests only have 30 minutes before they are locked in the Head of Household room for eviction day prep.

10:45 AM BBT: Live Feeds go to fish and then to Jeff Schroeder highlights.

1:10 PM BBT: Live Feeds come back on. Jackie and Meg b*tch about Audrey getting special treatment from production. (Apparently they opened the second HoH room for Audrey during the lockdown.) They talk about how Audrey is even taking a hot shower as a Have-Not because she just doesn’t care. Jackie says she would never act like Audrey has been if she were going home. Meg says it is a slap in the face and you don’t just give up. Vanessa and Jason also join in on the Audrey smack talk.

Big Brother 17 Audrey

1:30 PM BBT: Clay gives Johnny Mac a haircut and he really looks like he does this all the time. Clay and Shelli talk about how Audrey is just totally ignoring the rules about being a Have-Not with the hot shower and everything. Vanessa cries over her acne. Really Vanessa?

Big Brother Live Feeds July 23 2015 (1)

2:00 PM BBT: Becky talks to Jason, Jackie and Meg about going into the Have-Not room and having to deal with Audrey. She says she turned the light on and Audrey turned it off. So she turned it on again and told her to stop it until she was done in there. She is so over Audrey. Jason says he is too, especially after the hot shower thing. Austin b*tches about Audrey using production as a strategy. (She had tried to make Shelli think that production told her the public was going to be pissed at her for backdooring her.)

2:30 PM BBT: Audrey and Vanessa talk in the Have-Not room. One of the very few conversations Audrey has had the in the past couple of days. Audrey was apparently told by production she is getting a penalty vote tonight (although it hardly matters) because she ate as a Have-Not. But she says production told her that she could eat pizza that Becky brought her.

Big Brother Live Feeds July 23 2015 (10)

Vanessa says Audrey has eaten regular food, had a hot shower, slept on the floor instead of the Have-Not dentist chairs — she’s done so many things against the rules she should have a penalty vote. (Basically, she is saying get the hell over it.) Audrey says at the eviction she should just say Merry Christmas. Vanessa said that would be funny, but she should try to be classy and herself, to go out on a good note. Audrey thinks about making toilet paper snow to throw when she leaves.

Audrey shows Vanessa her little song and dance she did for the Big Brother Live Feed watchers last night. But she says production told her she can’t sing at the eviction. Vanessa leaves and Audrey says she hates her life after turning out the lights in the Have-Not room again.

2:50 PM BBT: Audrey talks briefly to Meg, again it’s about what she is going to say tonight. She says maybe she will just say Happy Birthday.

Meanwhile, Clay moves on to cutting Steve’s hair in the bathroom.  He’s so pro at it that Jason wonders if maybe he’s actually a stylist.

Big Brother Live Feeds July 23 2015 (2)

3:10 PM BBT: John and James don’t think the HoH Comp will be physical because they are dressed in nice clothes and haven’t been told to wear atheltic wear.

3:20 PM BBT: The Live Feeds cut out for the eviction show.

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