9:15 AM BBT: All Houseguests still sleeping.

10:00 AM BBT: Feeds go to fish for wakeup call. After they come back, the Houseguests start wandering around getting ready for the day.

10:15 AM BBT: Steve talks about sleeping on the floor in sequester. He wants to be on the floor when they are locked in the Head of Household room later so he can not be squished by the other people.

Meanwhile, Clay reassures Becky that all is okay and that she shouldn’t be worried about Jason talking to him and Shelli last night. Clay is very happy about not being a Have-Not after midnight tonight

Jason looks pitiful and we feel bad for him.

Big Brother Live Feeds July 30 2015 (1)

10:30 AM BBT: Jason sadly tells Steve not to worry about voting to keep him. Without Shelli and Clay behind him, there is no chance he can stay. He tells Steve to watch out because Becky wants to put him up against Austin next week if she wins HoH. Otherwise he should be in a good place.

Big Brother Live Feeds July 30 2015 (2)

Shelli makes the Feeds go to fish by talking about how Production opened the second HoH bedroom for Audrey last week as a special privilege. We’re guessing Shelli got yelled at while the Feeds were dark.

10:40 AM BBT: Feeds go down for the Head of Household lockdown.

Big Brother Live Feeds July 30 2015 (3)

1:30 PM BBT: The Feeds return and half the Houseguests are back in bed. Including Jason, who should be spending every last minute campaigning, but he’s just given up at this point.

1:45 PM BBT: Conversation between Steve and Vanessa reveals that tonight’s Head of Household challenge will be athletic. Also, there is a new hula hoop in the house. Possibly related?

2:25 PM BBT: James tells Meg he likes her scars and if he saw her in a bar he’d be all over it like damn! Give it up James, ain’t going to happen.

2:30 PM BBT: Steve wonders if maybe they will stop having Battle of the Block now that the twins are coming in the house and it could be a good time to transition. James hates the BotB and Steve says no one, including “the Internet” wanted it back. James says viewers must have wanted it because it was called a “fan favorite.” LOLOLOLOL NOT.

Big Brother Live Feeds July 30 2015 (1)

2:40 PM BBT: Austin and Liz are cuddling in the bed. Austin is trying to get his hands and lips all over Liz. We know that Liz basically has said she hates this but she’s playing along.

Big Brother Live Feeds July 30 2015 (2)

Meg practices with the hula hoop. James jokes that she is the mastermind in the house. She’s worried she is going to get targeted this week. James correctly notes how Shelli and Clay have been involved in every eviction so far. (Well James, maybe you should have listened to Audrey when she tried to convince you of the power alliance they are in that now is obvious.) Meg says she has to tell Becky she is not going to vote for her.

2:50 PM BBT: James and Meg continue to talk game. James just wants her to give him a heads up if she knows anything about him going to be the big target. They hope one of them can win the Head of Household.

Big Brother Live Feeds July 30 2015 (3)

2:55 PM BBT: Meg tells Becky she or Jackie or James has to win HoH tonight because she knows she won’t hold out in a physical comp. She says all their people are dying fast and they have to win. Meg tells Becky that she is going to vote to evict her. Becky understands.

Johnny Mac tells Vanessa he has known about the twins for a while because Jason told him about something different with their teeth. Vanessa says Austin was an idiot in love this week and “thinking with the wrong brain” and that’s what almost got him evicted. Vanessa says it just came down to who she could trust more. Johnny says he can trust her because she didn’t put him up and use him as a pawn and stuck to their deal.

Big Brother Live Feeds July 30 2015 (4)

Becky smack talks about Jason to Meg, telling her he is making up BS as a hail mary to try to stay. Even after he’s gone, all the stuff he is saying will linger. Becky hopes no one is going to believe anything that might hurt her game.

3:00 PM BBT: James and Meg talk about how it is only them and Becky unless they can get Jackie with them. James says if he wins HoH he is going to tell people they can’t touch Jackie, Meg or Becky.

3:20 PM BBT: Feeds go down to prep for the live show and won’t return until after the episode.

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