Last night’s Battle Back competition revealed that Victor returned to the Big Brother 18 house. A few hours later, the houseguests competed in a five and a half hour endurance competition. It seems like all types of shenanigans happened during it, including an argument between Da’Vonne and Bridgette.

Big Brother-Natalie and James

Once everything ended, James became the newest Head of Household. Arguably, this was a bad move for him. James was in one of the best positions in the house. No one was targeting or even thinking about targeting him. Becoming the Head of Household made him show his cards. He picked siding with the house.

Natalie mentioned all of this to James during an extended conversation they had about his decision to nominate Frank and Bridgette. Natalie seemed a little upset with James’ decision to nominate her friend Bridgette.

In fact, she had some other people on her radar. She revealed to James that she caught Paulie playing both sides. She saw him acting like he was on Frank’s team, which took the heat off Paulie and put it all on James.

Natalie was annoyed by this display of fakeness. She then went on to mention how the girls in the house let James do the dirty work. Natalie believes that they purposely dropped out of the competition so that they would not get the blood on their hands for going after Frank and Bridgette.

Natalie then discussed the girls’ strategies in general. She mentioned ‘cattiness’ from players such as Michelle and Zakiyah. She was disgusted at how they talked badly about Brigette, and the whole incident with Zakiyah hosting a party for a stuffed giraffe but nothing for Bridgette’s birthday.

Big Broher 18-Natalie and James

Natalie then mentioned how she heard Nicole and Corey talking about her behind her back. She mentioned that she plans to put them both up when she gets power. James encouraged her to do this plan.

He also mentioned that the next time he gets power, he plans to nominate one of those ‘catty girls.’

We cannot be certain whether James was being honest with Natalie or not. He likes her, but his true game allegiance seems to fall with Paulie, Michelle, Nicole, Corey, and Zakiyah. He seemed to even defend Paulie’s fake behavior with Frank. However, Natalie wasn’t accepting it.

Paulie, Corey, Nicole, Zakiyah, and Michelle will definitely be in danger when Natalie finally wins an HOH. She also revealed that she threw this week’s Head of Household competition: she fell off sooner than necessary.

The only person that Natalie mentioned that James seemed to really consider targeting, if Frank or Bridgette wins the Veto, is Victor. So we could see Victor go up as a replacement nominee, and go right back out of the Big Brother 2016 house.

James and Natalie also discussed putting up one of those “catty girls” as a pawn, just so that they know the feel of the block. Anything could happen after the Veto competition plays out tomorrow, but more than likely, Bridgette or Frank leaves this week.

James didn’t flat out say it to Natalie, but he hinted that Bridgette would likely go if Frank wins Veto. Both would need a Big Brother miracle at this point to both survive this week’s eviction on Big Brother 18.


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