After the CBS Big Brother 16 show closed on Thursday night, fans had to wait an endless two hours before the Big Brother Live Feeds and Big Brother After Dark for 2014 kicked off.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6/26/2014 (CBS)

Big Brother Live Feeds 6/26/2014 (CBS)

We think it was well worth the wait, however, because the Houseguests greeted us with a crazed dance party and a double naked streaking through the house shortly after everything went live!

Even though Christine declared in her premiere intro that she is a total nudist, it wasn’t her who ended up stripping off their clothes and running through the Big Brother 16 house.

Instead, we got a major eyeful of a topless Joey and a totally naked except for a hat Hayden. Unfortunately we can’t post those photos here, but you can rewind to watch all the hilarity on the Big Brother Live Feeds shortly after 10PM PT on Thursday, June 26.

We also got our first glimpse of the ‘Ice’ Have-Not room, which features beds covered in hard plastic to resemble ice. The Have-Nots appear to be Hayden, Cody, Joey, and Brittany. Cody appears to have volunteered to be a Have-Not. Cody in particular seems bothered by the cold in the room.

There was a lot of shout-outs to friends and family from all the Houseguests, including one from Frankie to his famous sister Ariana Grande. He was almost so obvious we weren’t sure if he had already let that secret out of the bag, but no one talks about it later, so we’re not sure.

There is a lot of talk about slop, what it is made of, how nutritious it is, and the various ways of cooking it. We learn from the Memory Wall in the kitchen that two keys are missing. It looks like the keys that are gone belong to Paola and Donny. This should mean they are nominated for eviction.

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However, we don’t know if all four nominations have been made yet, or if two are still pending. Or if the Battle of the Block competition has already happened and these are the nominations that remain afterwards. Still too many questions. But hopefully they should be answered as the night continues.

It appears that Zach has made an alliance with Cody, and Frankie has made a final deal with Zach. Rewind back to around 11:00 PM ET on the Live Feeds to see their conversation. Christine and Nicole seem to be teaming up but not sure if they have a firm alliance yet. Frankie and Christine may also have a deal, or maybe not, or maybe Frankie things they do but Christine doesn’t know? It’s a little confusing.

Zach knows about the Crazy 8s alliance and thinks it is still to have such a large alliance. There was possibly an alliance called The Bomb Squad but we aren’t sure who was in it or what happened to it. Cody apparently hates Devin for some reason. Let’s see, and Derrick, Cody, and Zach may have a final three alliance but it seems to be a fake (as in not everyone in it really means it). Zach apparently told Frankie about his side alliance with Cody and Derrick.

And on the showmance front, Caleb really, really likes Amber but doesn’t want to do a showmance in the house to muck up his game. Frankie keeps laying on top of, hugging, or squishing on like half the guys in the house. And Zach almost kind of seemed like he was flirting with him at one point. Oh and Derrick and Caleb mention something about Hayden and Nicole ‘obviously’ being in a showmance.

Donny seems to possibly be the main target for eviction this week according to Frankie. He wants Paola to be the target, but thinks she will self-destruct anyway. It appears that the Battle of the Block has indeed happened and Caleb is the winning Head of Household. So it is Frankie’s eviction nominees that were left on the block.

The original night one girl’s alliance, El Cuatro, may already be over after having been exposed. Caleb talks about backdooring Joey.

After being locked for a while, the pantry is opened back up and the Houseguests invade to find a crapload of stuff, including a while bunch of shoes and requested items. Hayden complains though that he got “nothing” compared to the rest of them.

Caleb seems to really have already developed an extreme obsession with Amber and thinks she is ‘The One’. He spills his heart to Paola all about how much Amber is crazy amazing and he wants to marry her. Meanwhile, Hayden is busy giving Amber a massage.

It seems that the Power of Veto players may be Caleb, Donny, Paola, Cody, Victoria, and Zach and the Houseguests are hoping it will be tomorrow. Usually it is not on Friday. But we already have the nominations and all that, so it might happen.

Derrick works on teaching Victoria to play chess. We are learning that the aluminum blankets in the Have-Not room are really loud and annoying. It looks like from the way the Have-Nots are bundling up to go to sleep that the room is quite cold, as befits an ‘ice’ room.

The bro-mance between Zach and Frankie is really… close. We are really beginning to wonder if our original gaydar about Zach was totally wrong and he leans both ways.

We have the second set of nominations now. The four eviction nominees were Paola, Donny, Brittany, and Victoria. But apparently Victoria and Brittany won the Battle of the Block, which dethroned the Head of Household who nominated them, Frankie. So now Caleb’s nominees Donny and Paola are still on the block, and Frankie is now once again eligible for eviction.

Devin outed his Double D alliance with Donny to Zach and Cody. Zach now appears to have a three person alliance with Derrick and Cody, a final 2 deal with Frankie, and he’s on terms with Christine as well. He is certainly working it.

Devin and Christine get in an argument because Devin is all freaked out by how messy things are. But then they apologize to each other in the storage room and exchange hugs.

Oops, apparently it was Joey who outed the girls’ El Cuatro alliance and Amber would love to see her get evicted.

Brittany has turned into the den mother apparently since she is doing tons of cooking and cleaning all over the place. She’s the last to go to bed.

And that’s a wrap for now as the Houseguests get some sleep, and so do we after 14 hours straight of Big Brother blogging madness!

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