There are no verified Big Brother spoilers out there yet for season 17, let’s just be clear about that from the start! The new Big Brother 2015 cast will not be announced for quite some time yet, and in fact may not even have been completely nailed down yet!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Battle of the Block tonight

We are already starting to see various Big Brother rumors about what the theme will be for the BB17, and who might be part of the Big Brother 2015 cast. Nothing we’ve seen or heard, however, has any real evidence behind it.

However, because we know that some of our fans do love Big Brother spoilers speculation and rumors, we always like to share anything we have found and our thoughts about what’s out there so far.

Any rumors that there is a possible Celebrity Big Brother in the works for season 17 are extremely unlikely to be true. Let’s face it, if there were going to be a U.S. Celebrity Big Brother, they’d want to be hyping that thing months and months in advance to stir up interest. Also, we’re betting that would end up being a separate show entirely and not a replacement for a regular season.

We cannot rule out yet that there may be a Big Brother All-Stars of some kind. However, we have not yet seen any actual evidence of possible previous Big Brother alumni involvement in the new season. Indeed, several prominent former Big Brother players like Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd, for just one example, are quite wrapped up in other projects. While that doesn’t mean we might not get an all alumni season, we are leaning toward probably not at this point.

Will there be some veterans involved in the Big Brother 17 cast? Well, the powers that be do seem to love to shove those alumni at us whenever possible. However, we are really hoping for an all-new cast once again. They’ve done the veterans and newbies mix enough times in the past five seasons that we hope we’ll slide through this year without seeing it again. So far though, we have no solid evidence either for or against a veteran/newbie mixed cast.

So basically, if you are seeing Big Brother 2015 spoilers news out there, I would take it with a very hefty grain of salt at this point. None of our usually reliable sources have anything yet. As soon as we do have any juicy Big Brother spoilers of any real substance, we will of course share those with you right away! So stay tuned…


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