Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds last night revealed the houseguests desperately searching for clues to find out the next twist for this season. Whichever Big Brother 18 cast member ends up with the prize from the twist will have the opportunity to come right back into the house if they get evicted. Problem is, they won’t know until they are evicted if they got the prize or not.


Although host Julie Chen said on the last CBS TV show episode the twist would be active for “four weeks”, apparently production wanted to make sure the houseguests got started on the search swiftly. On Monday afternoon, the players were given an “alert” last night to search the house for hidden clues. We are guessing that CBS didn’t mean the HGs would have four weeks to figure out the twist, but that the resulting prize at the end will only be useable during the next four weeks.

Just after 4:15 PM BBT on Monday afternoon, the Big Brother 18 cast were given a message telling them to start the hunt for ‘clues all around’ the house. James was the first to notice the message on the Living Room TV screen (Natalie walked right by it). After James stopped Natalie to pay attention, they read through the secret hints and pondered them for a minute before the other houseguests started dropping in and noticing the message as well.


A lot of running around, searching, poking into things, climbing other things, and frustrated chatter ensued. Paul Abrahamian finally figured out that the clue he needed was to dial for “Paris” on the upstairs Head of Household phone.

When Paul used the phone, he was told congratulations on figuring out the clue and that he was about to embark on his journey to a hidden destination. He was warned this might be something he wanted to do in private, but he ignored the advice.


While other houseguests were watching, he completed the secret task and a door opened into a tunnel for him to crawl through to the hidden room. Probably some of the others would have figured out the clue relatively quickly anyway, so it likely didn’t matter.

At the end of a red lit tunnel, which seems to have gone behind the fish tank in the Head of Household room, Paul found the ‘Paris’ room. Inside the room he found a set of instructions from Big Brother stating there were twelve envelopes for houseguests to draw from.


Each houseguest to make it to the room (which ended up being everyone after Paul so clearly showed them the way) would get the pick of one envelope. Eleven of these contain one way tickets when the person is evicted. One contains a roundtrip ticket to go back into the house after the houseguest who has it gets voted out. Paul picked out his envelope, and then one by one the rest of the other houseguests eventually made their way to the secret room as well and chose theirs.

Sadly for the houseguests, they are not allowed to open their envelopes to determine which one of them has the return ticket. Instead, they will have to wait until they are evicted and hand their envelope over to host Julie Chen. She will then reveal if the player has a one way ticket out the door, or a round trip ticket for a second chance at winning a half million dollars.


Because of how the twist was announced as only being active for the next four weeks, we’re thinking that this means the ‘winning’ ticket will only be valid if presented during the next four evictions. After that, it will probably be expired. So if the person with the return ticket isn’t evicted within four weeks, the twist will end up being for nothing. Somehow we bet that won’t happen…

Rewind back to around 4:15 PM BBT on Monday, July 26 on the Big Brother Live Feeds to watch the whole secret quest and hidden room reveal go down!


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