This strategy has, amazingly, worked for Vanessa week after week. John was not wrong that, typically, if you get into some kind of argument or dust up with Vanessa, it means that you are on the way out the door. For someone like Meg, who naturally only sees the good in people, it is not hard for a Vanessa to pull one, two, or ten over on her. Ultimately, Vanessa explained this as her best game move and that it was nothing personal. Not quite an excuse that worked, but it did reinforce what Jeg have sorta known all along – that Vanessa, the Austwins and Steve are working together. (They think!)

As for Vanessa’s plan to oust James, he threw a bit of a monkey wrench into the plans by winning the Power of Veto; which, of course, he used on himself.

Some say that this hide-and-go-seekish Power of Veto was meant for James, given his penchant for hiding in dark corners, Smeagol-style, and leaping out of closets to scare people. Whatever the case may be, he emerged victorious thus sending Vanessa into meltdown mode. So distraught, was she, that it required the hiding of oneself in the Head of Household room. This, by TOTAL coincidence, aided her in avoiding the vast majority of the cleanup post POV comp. That Vanessa, always plotting! Or, was it Green Beanie’s Idea???

In a normal season of Big Brother, where people are not allergic to doing basic math and deductive reasoning, it would probably be a bad thing to have a Final 2 with 60% of the house. But will it be for Vanessa, THIS season with THESE houseguests? Going into the week she already had a Final 2 with Steve, Austin and Julia. As of this week, John has been added to that list. She is the least “solo dolo” person in the house, but will anyone see it in time?

A Wall Yeller actually attempted to clue John and Jeg in on this last night to no avail.

Whether or not you agree with this kind of outside of influence, the message from the WY was actually quite useful information, but due to what Jeg already believed, they thought that the WY actually said, “Austin wants Julia out.” Oy Vey!

As loveable as the duo of Jeg have become, the sad truth is that (outside of John) they have been the least dialed into what is going on in the house.  Of the duo, James has managed to be more on the mark with his speculation, but Meg tends to talk him out of what his common sense leads him to believe. That’s a problem. In order to accurately devise plans and strategies, you actually need to know what is going on in the house – and getting out of bed sometimes helps with this!

Jeg’s grand scheme to save Meg is to get John and Austin to vote out Julia and frame Steve for it. Their reasoning is that Austin wants Julia out, because Liz will not take him to the Final 2 if she is there, and that John is still mad at Steve for how they campaigned against each other last week. In their defense, John did tell them that he was still mad at Steve and Vanessa, which Vanessa instructed him to do, and stated that he would put them on the block if he were to win HOH.  With this information, one may be able to see the strategy in Jeg’s plan. However, knowing what we as live feeders know, this plan was DoA.

After the WY, John did appear to want to work to flip the vote, but he suggested getting Steve to vote out Julia to expose Austin. Steve will not do that without Vanessa, so again = Dead on Arrival.

Grean Beanie

Green Beanie with Vanessa Rousso of Big Brother 17

The kicker is that, somehow, Vanessa magically divined this entire scheme prior to Jeg even beginning to enact it, and she told Steve about it. She asked if he believes that that is what Austin’s master plan is and whether or not they had been played by putting Julia on the block. Some believe that the DR clued her in on it but, of all the people in the house, the one person who is constantly running through scenarios is Vanessa. It is not hard to believe that this is something she came up with on her own. She may even low key want that very thing to happen. This way, she would break up the Austwits Austwins without it being her fault. It would cause distrust between Austin and Liz and make both of them more likely to take her to the end over the other.

IF that was the plan, Vanessa, you should know that you are playing with cowards, by now, and that this will never work because it requires initiative and people taking risks. People would rather close their eyes and hope that they luck into the Top 3 than work to make it happen. (Perhaps this has been John’s strategy all along!) The only way this happens is if Vanessa sanctions it.  The alternative, of course, is that things go as planned and she gets out someone who has never been her real ally, from her perspective, anyway. It is the classic win/win situation!

Has Vanessa managed the jury well enough to win in the Final 2?

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