Shelli, Jackie, Beckie Big Brother 17 Jury House

Shelli, Jackie, Beckie Big Brother 17 Jury House

Bitter Juries are real, and right now that is one bitter, bitter, bitter jury and all of the sourness currently felt there is aimed at Vanessa. This indicates that Vanessa’s jury management is the weakest part of her game.  It is not a job well done when everyone who leaves wants your green beanied head on a stick!

It would actually greatly benefit Vanessa to get someone like Steve out next so that he can help talk the jury into voting based on game instead of based on emotion.

Wait a minute… (Slips on a green beanie.)

Could that be why Vanessa has started to throw Steve under the bus to the Austwins? Is it possible that John is now her ideal Final 2 and that Vanessa wants Steve to manage the jury for her? Was Steve’s eviction night speech last Thursday too good? Especially since everyone knows that John gives horrible speeches, speeches which have never convinced ANYONE of ANYTHING ever… and, while he has friends in the jury house, it would be much easier to make an argument against someone who has made no game moves than it would be to make an argument against almost anyone else outside of Meg and Julia.  As for right now, John’s biggest accomplishment would be being evicted and making it to the end despite that. Would the jury be bitter enough to accept that as the sole reason he should win???

(Takes off green beanie.)

Scary, scary place that Green Beanie!

Who really knows Vanessa’s end game? What we can take away is that, barring bad luck and James winning the next HOH (which he states he would put Vanessa and Liz on the block if he did), Vanessa has set herself up with the Austwins on one side and Steve and John on the other.

John and Steve enjoy the hammock.

John and Steve enjoy the hammock.

If Steve and John wish to actually make it to the Final 2, or at least the Top 3, with one another, it would be in their best interest to not go along with Vanessa’s plan, given that benefits her more than it benefits them. After all, who do they think the Austwins will put up with James? Who do they think will leave if James wins POV? It won’t be one of the Austwins and it will not be Vanessa. This is what playing for 5th place looks like, people!

If Steve and John vote out Julia, and instead team up with Meg and James 4 vs 2 (I know, I know, with Meg it is really more like 3 vs 2) to take out Vanessa, Liz or Austin during the next HOH, they would only have to worry about the last 2 remaining. If Austin and Liz are caught enough off guard with the vote, they would actually be hard pressed to do well in the next HOH due to their emotions.  Instead of having 3 people, who are perfectly cool, calmed and collected to play against in the next HOH, they would have two rattled people to play against. Yes, it is a gamble but, other than TV time, what is the difference between 7th place and 6th, 5th, 4th, or 3rd place in terms of the game? Come on superfans, shock the BB world, give us good TV and set yourself up for a better shot at the Final 2 – VOTE OUT JULIA.

With the houseguests getting to practice for a crapshoot HOH, it is possible that they will realize that tomorrow is a double eviction. Will this realization light a fire under John and Steve and motivate them to make a bold move versus just handing the win to Vanessa (or Austin) on a silver platter.

Yes, Austin is the person next most likely to win with his twins by his side and Vanessa apparently completely blind to the social game that he has been playing. Whichever of those two take the other out will likely be the Big Brother 17 winner… In which case, GO GREEN BEANIE VANESSA!!

What do you think? Should Steve and John make a big move and take out Julia? Is it “too soon” to make a move against Vanessa? Should they, at least, try to convince Vanessa taking out Julia makes more sense with a DE on the horizon? Does Austin have the best sleeper game in the house? Does James have any hopes of surviving the Double Eviction! Let us know what you think!


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