The Big Brother spoilers are in from the Live Feeds for the Power of Veto Ceremony results on Monday. If you haven’t already caught up on who won the PoV Comp on Saturday, you might want to check out those spoilers first for some background info. Should be an interesting few days ahead seeing if the house will rally behind Head of Household Paul to get out his eviction choice, or stage a revolt and boot their own choice to go out the door.

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WARNING: This post contains Live Feeds spoilers, possibly including competition information or results, game play moves, alliances, showmances, etc. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Although Head of Household Paul Abrahamian started off this week fully intent on evicting Bridgette Dunning on Thursday, he rapidly found there was another target many of the other players would rather get out. Namely, veteran Da’Vonne Rogers. The main force behind the campaign to switch the target to Da’Vonne instead of Bridgette? That would be Paulie, because Da’Vonne has said repeatedly that the ‘showmances’ in the house need to be broken up, including his with Zakiyah.

Paul still wanted Bridgette to go home, and nominated her to the block with his pawn Paulie Calafiore. However, he also quickly promised those who wanted Da’Vonne as the prime target (primarily Paulie) that he’d be willing to renom her if the Power of Veto was used to take Bridgette or Paulie off the block. Paul also said that he would bow to the will of the house if Da’Vonne did end up as a renom and go along with evicting her if the house majority wanted her gone.


Well, at the Power of Veto Competition Paulie managed to pull of the win, and immediately the talk started going rapid fire about Da’Vonne going up on the block. She remained clueless about all this backdoor talk for a while, but finally caught on to what was happening. Despite Paul trying to make it sound like he might put up Da’Vonne just as someone he could trust not to get paranoid, she has pretty much figured out she is now a target.

So at the Veto Ceremony it was pretty much inevitable that Paulie would use the Power of Veto to save himself, and that Da’Vonne would go up as the replacement nominee. Da’Vonne’s supporters are going to have to do some huge work in the next few days if they expect to save her from getting evicted. If Paul had any sense about what would be best for his game, he’d jump on board that train. Because if Da’Vonne gets kicked out, the person who is going to benefit most from her going is Paulie, not Paul.


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