With the predictable Big Brother eviction results for this week out of the way, now we turn to the real fun of the night — finding out who the new Heads of Household will be! The Houseguests were put on inside lockdown really early this week, but we don’t usually get a big endurance challenge this early on in the season. Still, it is the year of “twist after twisted twist” so we weren’t sure what might happen!

Big Brother 16 HoH Comp - July 17, 2014

Big Brother 16 HoH Comp – July 17, 2014

Our dream this week, just for kicks, was to see Donny and Jocasta win the two Heads of Household spots. However, that might also put Donny in a place where he would have to get blood on his hands and become a bigger target for the other Houseguests. We admit we totally love Donny and would rather he stay more under the radar for a while longer, especially with the Team America Twist.

Instead, we thought it might be equally as fun to have Brittany and Hayden win because we are sure pretty random craziness would ensue. Which would mean lots of great fun and scrambling to watch on the Big Brother Live Feeds all week.

When we finally got to the Heads of Household Competition on the CBS Big Brother 16 show tonight, we have a new twist. In what appears to be a semi-endurance competition and also a puzzle/skill challenge sort of thing, the Houseguests will be put into random pairs. The team that finishes first will be the two new Heads of Household.

For the competition, the teams have to get 12 eggs threw a bunch of chicken wire and into slots by working together. The Houseguests aren’t even close to finished when the show ends and we have to switch over to the Big Brother Live Feeds to watch the rest of the challenge.

Here are the teams:

  • Victoria and Christine
  • Caleb and Nicole
  • Brittany and Jocasta
  • Amber and Zach
  • Donny and Hayden
  • Cody and Frankie

Unfortunately we did not get to watch the end of the competition on the Live Feeds for some reason. This is not nice behavior from CBS at all. Getting to watch the end of this kind of Head of Household Competition is one of the big reasons we pay for the Feeds.

However, they did come on right after the competition so we can bring you the Big Brother spoilers on who won. Apparently it was a close race and Amber and Zack ALMOST got it, but Frankie and Cody appear to have maintained their early lead and pulled off the win.

We are feeling that Caleb may soon be the new target of the week…


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