Now we have Clay and Shelli all making out and stuff, like they could have been doing for weeks. The sounds are so gross. But we still don’t quite believe that they are doing this NOW instead of before now because they are sad about being split up. More like Shelli is trying to make sure her boy toy will do anything she asks so she doesn’t go home.

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (1)

James tells everyone in the HoH that she wants Shelli out. Austin wants to talk it all out. In Diary Room, Austin says they need to campaign to make sure they keep Shelli. James tells everyone that Shelli is the bigger threat. Vanessa says it doesn’t really matter, they can just get the other one out next week.

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (3)

This argument doesn’t fly with James. He wants Shelli out and that is how it is. He says there is nothing more wrathful than a woman. It is easier to reason with a guy than a woman. Vanessa says he would hate for people to be pressured to vote against what they want. Meg says Clay wants to keep Shelli here because she will be more likely to win. Vanessa keeps arguing hard to keep Shelli over Clay.

Jackie says in Diary Room she has been questioning Vanessa’s game play for a while now. Jackie says if Vanessa doesn’t want Shelli out this week, she’s not planning on getting her at all.

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (4)

James and Jackie talk about Vanessa arguing to keep Shelli. James says he would be pissed if Shelli stays. Jackie says Austin seemed like he was wavering too. They agree that Shelli has to go. Jackie says if Shelli stays, this whole week was a waste.

The twins talk in the Have-Not room about who they should vote for. They are torn about which one should be the target. One hates Clay, the other thinks Shelli is the biggest threat. Vanessa comes in and interrupts them. Austin also comes in. They start talking around and around about which one should be targeted. Vanessa is still campaigning for Shelli. Austin doesn’t know what to do.

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (7)

Now we have The Hitmen Derrick and Cody. Derrick talks about making time for his family. Cody says Derrick is literally like his brother now and they see each other all the time and talk nearly every day.

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (8)

Derrick says with his winner money he took his family on vacation and started a tuition fund for his daughter. Cody says he jumped into modeling after the show.

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (9)

Cody thinks James is taking care of business. Derrick says he like’s Johnny Mac’s style, but he’s rooting for James. They love how James broke the deal with Shelli about keeping her and Clay safe. They say he owed them nothing and they like that he put the showmance on the block. They can’t believe Clay telling people to vote him out over Shelli.

Big Brother 17 Episode 20 (10)

They talk about the hot girls on the show. Cody thinks Becky really looks good for taking a train to the face. They think they would have rocked this season if they’d been on it.

Next up, we’ll have our live eviction and see which one of the showmance couple is going home!

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