Michelle and Da’Vonne talk about Tiffany and what she knows and if that might cause them any trouble if Tiffany definitely gets that she’s going to be evicted. Da’Vonne thinks Tiffany won’t blow up their game before she leaves.

Moving on into the afternoon, Corey complains that he’s too big to actually fit inside the Have-Not bumper car beds at all. Production won’t allow Have-Nots to sleep anywhere else, not even on the floor, so he’s exhausted and sleep deprived.

Just after 2:00 PM BBT, Frank talks to the Live Feeds viewers about how he is confident with Paulie, Corey, Nicole and Bridgette working with him. (He doesn’t know that he’s actually being targeted by some of the people he thinks are his close allies.) He wants him, Nicole and Bridgette in the final three, or him, Nicole and Natalie.

Big Brother Live Feeds Frank

He is hoping that he can work to get out Da’Vonne and Michelle soon, but he also wants Bronte out without getting her blood on his hands. He thinks if Michelle were to win the next Head of Household, that might be a way to get out Bronte.

Frank then talks to Corey about the target list, including Bronte and Da’Vonne. Corey is not into the idea of them going after their own group while they are still going strong. (Although, of course, the 8-Pack is already dead and splintered, Frank just really doesn’t know it yet.)

Corey, of course, runs off to talk to Paulie and tells him all about his talk with Frank and how Frank wants to target Da’Vonne. When Paul pops in, Paulie then tells him everything. No one in this house can keep their mouths shut when they probably should.

James and Paulie both tell Tiffany that Bridgette probably will not use the Power of Veto. However, Paulie tells Tiffany that she should be fine and that Bronte is the target (even though that is entirely not true). James also tells Michelle that Frank is looking at her as a target soon. She’s very worried Frank will find out about everyone secretly working to get him out next.

When Bridgette won Power of Veto, she won an Outback dinner for her team and got to pick another team to join them. She picked Da’Vonne’s team, which ends up making Momma Day feel suspicious. Nicole thinks this is so that her team and Da’Vonne’s team wouldn’t be left alone in the house together to conspire with each other.

Big Brother Live Feeds Nicole

Nicole goes and talks to Corey and says she thinks Da’Vonne can’t be trusted and that she is making them into targets. Corey thinks they should maybe go after Bronte for eviction this week instead of Tiffany. Nicole would like to see Bronte go home. However, says she doesn’t think Da’Vonne would do it and they would just end up in a bigger mess.

After the Outback dinner, some of the houseguests appear to be quite tipsy. Michelle especially is acting really drunk. She, Nicole and Zakiyah do a dance routine in the pantry dedicated to how much ‘Frank sucks’. Bridgette cuddles up with Frank in the Head of Household bed because she feels like she’s going to pass out. She’s very drunk. Frank hates on Tiffany, Paul, Michelle, Paulie, basically everyone.

Frank tells Bridgette that he wanted to go after Corey this week, but then Tiffany pissed him off. He says Da’Vonne is dangerous but he wants one of the other guys to get her out. But he’s not worried the vets are going to come after him. (Hah!) However, he does say that it might be better to get out Da’Vonne before Jury so she can’t vote at the end.

Big Brother Live Feeds Frank and Bridgette

(If Bridgette were to betray Frank, she would know EVERYTHING about him and his strategy. That would be so fun. But he’s totally confident she’s under his thumb entirely.)

Bridgette says she won’t go after Da’Vonne. She’s slurring her speech and really whiny. Frank tells her that he won the Roadkill Competition and put up Bronte because she’s a threat. She says that’s okay and even if the other Spy Girls don’t trust him, she does and they will do what she says.

Big Brother Live Feeds Paul

Meanwhile, the other guys are working on a striptease show for Zakiyah’s birthday. We really did not need to see Paul do his booty shake striptease. However, Paulie giving Zakiyah a lapdance was, well, fun to watch…

After all the festivities, Da’Vonne talks to Nicole again and says Paulie told her that Frank is coming after her. She wants to win Head of Household so she can put him up. Meanwhile, Zakiyah and Paulie are also talking game and who should be next on the target list. They want Tiffany out now, then Frank and then Bridgette because she’s Frank’s tool.

Paulie of the constantly running mouth talks to Michelle and Nicole later about getting out Frank next and going after Bridgette instead if they can’t get Frank.

Working to try to undermine trust in Frank, Paul tells Bronte that Tiffany is going out this week, but that Frank will be the target next week. He says that Frank has won two Roadkill competitions and he was the one who put her up on the block.

Before the night is over, Nicole is stressing about whether she needs to think about working with Frank after all. But if she did, she thinks Corey would end up getting booted soon. She talks to Corey and gets him to promise that he would take her to Final 2. Nicole is also worried that maybe she is being too mistrustful of Da’Vonne.

Speaking of Da’Vonne, we leave off the night with her talking with Tiffany, who thinks Da’Vonne totally has her back. Da’Vonne confesses to Tiffany that she thinks Zakiyah would throw her over if it came down to a choice between her and showmance interest Paulie.

And that’s a wrap for our Big Brother spoilers weekend Live Feeds report!


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