Big Brother spoilers revealed the new Head of Household to Live Feeds viewers late Thursday night, while CBS TV only watchers had to wait until Sunday to find out who won. This is one of the reasons we just can’t enjoy all the greatness of Big Brother 18 without our Live Feeds. Who wants to wait so long to find out what happened when you can flip on over to the stream and find out immediately!


We were really hoping to see some new blood in the HoH room this week, and not end up with Paulie Calafiore running the house once again. Unfortunately, although it was an extremely tough battle against Natalie Negrotti in the end, returned player Victor Arroyo ended up nabbing the HoH win this week.

Naturally, despite an exit warning from Da’Vonne that his guy pals were not to be trusted, Victor pretty much just immediately handed some of his HoH power right over to Paulie. Just like Paul did last week. Do they not see they are basically setting up Paulie to win this whole thing, even if one of them does end up in the final two with him? Clueless! Anyway, that’s where we are at going into the weekend on the Live Feeds

Happy Monday Big Brother Fans! Here are the highlights from this weekend.

SATURDAY – 8/6/2016

7:25 AM BBT – All of the HGs are sleeping, Jeffish loops.

8:05 AM BBT – Feeds are back. Corey, James and Bridgette are have nots, and their supplement food was revealed- they will get hash browns and corned beef.

9:05 AM BBT – Feeds return from picking veto players: James, Nicole, and Paulie will play with Victor, Michelle and Zakiyah, and Paul is hosting.

9:40 AM BBT – Michelle is in the safari room talking to the camera- she feels like she’s playing alone.

10:00 AM BBT – James and Natalie chatting about life outside of the house, pets, lots of random chatting.


11:00 AM BBT – James tells Natalie he’s going to throw the veto comp.

11:20 AM BBT – Paul is called to the Diary Room, and we get Jeffish. The veto comp is underway.

7:10 PM BBT – Feeds return after nearly eight hours. Paulie has won the Veto. The house is a disaster and the HGs are cleaning up. (Must be the comp with the veto hidden in the house and they trash it) It seems James went a little overboard and was a big cause of the destruction which isn’t sitting well with everyone.

7:35 PM BBT – Paul begins working on his plan to get Zakiyah out. He tells James that if Paulie doesn’t use the Veto- they need to get her out to protect Paulie.

8:05 PM BBT – Paulie mentions to Paul and Nicole that he’ll probably leave nominations the same.

8:15 PM BBT – Paulie tells Nicole and Corey he’s not going to use the Veto and when that happens Zakiyah will be upset and they’ll need to help calm the situation, tells Nicole to make sure they are close so Zakiyah doesn’t flip out.

8:50 PM BBT – Paul and Paulie discuss how upset everyone is with James and that’s got James scared.

9:45 PM BBT – Michelle talking with Natalie- and asking who James is close to, she’s worried about how James’ power will affect the votes.


10:30 PM BBT – Michelle tells Zakiyah that Paulie better use the Veto on her (Zakiyah) or she’ll be pissed. They continue to chat, discussing their Veto speeches.

11:05 PM BBT – Corey tells Bridgette he doesn’t expect Paulie to use the Veto even though Zakiyah will be mad.

11:30 PM BBT – Natalie tells Bridgette that Zakiyah was the target this week.

11:55 PM BBT – Paulie tells Bridgette that he doesn’t care which nom goes this week and he won’t be using the Veto. He wants to see how Michelle behaves when she thinks she’s going home.

12:05 AM BBT – Paulie says he wants James to nullify his vote but then not tell anyone that Paulie told him to do it.

12:15 AM BBT – Corey tells Paulie that Michelle is a better player than Zakiyah and she should go. Corey tells Paulie about the Fatal Five- he’s surprised to learn Nicole was in on it.

12:40 AM BBT – Michelle talking to the cameras again, says she’ll blow stuff up this week if she’s going. She thinks Paulie will easily walk out with the money and she’ll try to blow up his game on her way out. She thinks she should have saved Frank when she had the chance.


2:00 AM BBT – Zakiyah asks Paulie about the renom. He tells her if she stays on the Block that it’ll help them draw out reactions to see where people are in their plans. She’s not buying it. Paulie promises Zakiyah that James will vote against Michelle and use his power against her too.

3:30 AM BBT – Corey, James, and Paulie discussing eviction plans and double eviction scenarios with Bridgette and Victor going up.

3:40 AM BBT – Paulie instructs James how to use his ACP power and to nullify his (Paulie’s) and Paul’s votes. James agrees.

5:00 AM BBT- HGs are all finally in bed.

SUNDAY 8/7/2016

Wowsa, late night for the HGs on Saturday night. Sunday was something of a quieter day since most plans were already hashed out by everyone already.

11:30 AM BBT- Feeds go to fishies, wake up call for the HGs.

12:50 PM BBT- Victor and Corey are up chatting- a few other HGs

2:00 PM BBT- Corey, Nicole and Paul are in the backyard, Bridgette’s been in the house doing some cooking.

2:35 PM BBT- Trying to see where Nicole’s head is at, Paul wants to know whether she wants Zakiyah out or Michelle. He says they should go for Zakiyah this week. Nicole is not feeling having Michelle around too much longer because she’s annoying and snappy, but Paul thinks Meech will be easier to get out later on than Zakiyah.


4:15 PM BBT- Corey and Paulie are talking over how they can get Paul on board with getting Michelle out instead of Zakiyah and don’t understand why he’s so about Zakiyah getting evicted this week. (Maybe because he has a clue that Paulie needs to have one of his closest allies stripped before he wins this whole thing?)

4:50 PM BBT- Victor tells Nicole and Corey that Zakiyah needs to be the one to go this week. Which at least is something of him trying to be independent and not totally just do what Paulie wants.

6:00 PM BBT- Corey and James talking now about the vote and that Paulie wants Michelle out over Zakiyah and will vote that way. Corey tells James he thinks Paulie is trying to keep the blood off his hands though by making all the blame look like it’s on them with James cancelling out his vote. Corey thinks James should use his America’s Care Package power to cancel out his and Paul’s votes instead of Paulie’s vote. That way the blame goes back on him for the eviction. James wants all the guys to talk things out about the eviction. They are both really more on board with getting Michelle out than Zakiyah this week.


7:00 PM BBT- James tells Natalie that he thinks Victor and Paul want to make a foursome alliance with Michelle and Bridgette. They also don’t trust Nicole and feel she is playing all sides in the house. Natalie says Nicole lied to James about Michelle wanting her (Natalie) out and Nicole only said that to try to drum up their votes to get Meech out. Once again they also talk about Derrick and how he “coached” some of the players in the house this season. Lots more great game talk between the two if you want to rewind on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Most of the rest of Sunday evening spent on more Zikayah vs. Michelle talk among the houseguests. Also, speculation about the Double Eviction being this week and who should go up. Paulie and Victor talking about possibly targeting James. Paulie also wants Bridgette gone.

Finally, also, it seems like some of the houseguests — including Natalie, Bridgette, Nicole and Corey — are getting the picture that Paulie is pulling most of the strings in the house and becoming increasingly dangerous. We can only hope this means that if one of them wins the next Head of Household, they will be putting his butt up on the block!

As I push send- it seems like many of the HGs are still sleeping, and it’ll be a slow day on the feeds- especially with the late night/long day they had yesterday. Here’s to hoping that Michelle keeps her word and blows Paulie’s game up after she realizes she could go home on Monday.


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